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1/100 NSG-Z0/E Durga Limited Edition by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

1/100 NSG-Z0/E Durga Limited Edition by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-durga (1)
Durga is finally put together. Let’s see how it looks!

rrobbert184-durga (2)
A fun build, and this is what you’ll get right out of the box.

rrobbert184-durga (3)
Front and back, before adding some of the armor.

rrobbert184-durga (4)

rrobbert184-durga (5)
The arms and legs move well, but don’t expect a full 180°.

rrobbert184-durga (6)

rrobbert184-durga (8)
Here’s front and back shots after adding on the extra armor, you can recreate what you see on the cover.

rrobbert184-durga (10)

rrobbert184-durga (11)
The lance can actually break into a mace and a short lance.

rrobbert184-durga (12)
And when you put them together…  All of the poses look pretty good!

rrobbert184-durga (14)

rrobbert184-durga (15)
The armors can be used in different parts of the body. This is just one example. Try more for yourself!

rrobbert184-durga (17)
For the height comparison, it’s a little bit shorter than MG Gundam 2.0.

rrobbert184-durga (16)
Time for some final thoughts. Overall, I think it’s a very good kit that you can build without too much difficulty. The basic type might be a little bit disappointing at first, but from the moment you add on the armor parts, it’s 10 times better right away. With a decent degree of mobility, you can also get a lot of cool poses. And customization is possible, which can again unlock some more fun. It would be even better if you want to paint it up properly, with some nice gold, and maybe some shiny silver on the back of the clear magenta parts. That’s also a chance for you to use the additional clear parts that you may have seen in the unbox, to give it a totally different image. Though I’ll leave you with a warning about loose parts when you’re posing it, otherwise, it’s a fun kit to build and play with. Thanks for checking this out!

rrobbert184-durga (18)
“Fun weapon.  Did you borrow it from Crossbone X2?”

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  1. how did u get around the loose frame?

  2. hey robert! many people have been asking, why haven’t you done any new reviews for the past months? many people already miss you! ;3

  3. I miss your awesome voice xD pls do a review soon, that is if it’s at your convienence


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