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1/100 Kagekiyo Forest Type by Hasegawa (Part 2: Review)

1/100 Kagekiyo Forest Type by Hasegawa (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-kagekiyo-review (1)

The Kagekiyo Forest Type is all put together.  Will I miss the forest for the trees?

rrobbert184-kagekiyo-review (2)
No cement was needed for the build.

rrobbert184-kagekiyo-review (3)
Here’s a look at the front and rear views.

rrobbert184-kagekiyo-review (5)

rrobbert184-kagekiyo-review (6)
90 degree bends for the elbows.

rrobbert184-kagekiyo-review (7)
But the knees can do a little more than 90.  How about those double high heels?  Either way, there’s some good coloring in the feet.

rrobbert184-kagekiyo-review (8)
The cover of the console can open. Looks like disc based  video game system.  PS1 maybe?  Not be confused with XBox One.

rrobbert184-kagekiyo-review (9)
V for victory with another optional hand.

rrobbert184-kagekiyo-review (10)
It can carry a long spear as its only weapon thanks to another set of optional hands.

rrobbert184-kagekiyo-review (12)
Both are 1/100 scale, but you can see it’s a little smaller than this most average of Gundams.

rrobbert184-kagekiyo-review (11)
Much shorter than 1/400 Eva-01.  The green colors really pop on both, just one is better at hiding in forests.

rrobbert184-kagekiyo-review (13)
Now for some final thoughts.  It’s incredibly colorful, but the manual is going to give you some suggestions for markers or painting to bring out its full potential.  Kotobukiya kits tend to be on the fragile side when you’re trying different poses, and this kit continues in that tradition.  Cement isn’t required, but would be quite useful in helping to keep this kit together.  Posing without it can be frustrating as each movment requires a lot of readjustments.  The polycaps also struck me as being a bit small, leading to problems with both the build and holidng things together.  Taking the time to putty, sandpaper and paint would really get rid of most problems though.  One nice bonus is that you can use the clear pink parts if you want to do the 3 player color scheme in orange.  Also, no seals at all means you are still getting a nice looking kit right out of the box.  Since it matches the original design well, this and the fun color scheme means it will definitely grab people’s attention when it’s on your shelf.  Thanks for reading everyone!

rrobbert184-kagekiyo-review (14)
“Unlike some kits around here, I don’t rely on decals at all!”

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