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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 32 – Building a Kotobukiya Zoids kit!

Zoids! We received a bit of excitement when we mentioned that Zoids would be featured in an upcoming episode of Gunpla TV and now here it is. This episode is meant for the many Gundam modelers out there who may not be aware of this interesting series of snap-fit kits from Kotobukiya. Compared to Gunpla, Zoids are a completely different animal (pun intended).

In this episode:
1/72 Highend Master Model Saber Tiger
1/144 HGUC Gunpla Starter Set 2
1/100 MG XXXG-01S Shenlong Gundam EW Ver.
1/100 MG XXXG-01W Wing Gundam EW Ver.
1/100 Wing Gundam Ver. Ka

Interested in the lineup of Zoids kits? Click here to check them out.

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  1. Heavyarms is just a must pre-oder, probably the EW version, for the hugeass gatling gun! And damn, that was a really nice model, the detail level is great! The only problem is that they are so expensive.

    Btw, hey Syd, I was looking some cospa items, and saw some really nice gundam related shirts, but is hard to find in the search of the site. Could you show some nice gundam shirts on gunpla tv?

  2. So that “Zoid core” gets covered up in layers of armor, right?
    A sort of armored core, you might say?

  3. Hurrah for Zoid coverage!
    I have to say, after building my first HMM Zoid model kit, the Lightning Saix, I have to say their higher price is definitely worth it.
    I think if my budget allow, I would try the Command Wolf kit next.

  4. Drool
    must admit im a huge fan of zoids own loads of the windup and battery power kits but they dont have the limb movement of the one you showed.
    Also are you gonna paint it would love to see how it wold come out.
    If you want to know more about zoids and why they have a core part i recommend the Anime for ideas and painting.

  5. Zoids HMM is definitely one of the best Lineup that Kotobukiya can offer, i had Liger Zero and planning to get the Schneider parts

  6. so, are there plans for more zoids on the show in the future?

    • Yep, there sure is. I believe we will be doing a full build.

  7. Since you’ll now show other plamo lines, it’d be very nice to include some form of buyer’s guide in the video description area.
    Last year when I got back to Gunpla I had lots of homework to do to understand all the HG/MG/PG/No Grade differences, as well as what’s avaliable in each and which grade to look for based on what I like. And it was quite a chore without knowing any site/blog/forum explaining that (all I had at the time was Dalong’s reviews, and I don’t understand Korean).
    The Macross kits didn’t appeal that much to me, but same as Gundam, I used to like Zoids alot when I was very young (about 4-7yo) and I’d sure like to get one of these kits to try it out, but will have to do some homework on the avaliable kits to get the best impression I can. At first glance I believe the “Highend” kits are just that, which are my best bet.

  8. it just seems like it takes forever for hobbylink to get a new episode

    • The new episode will be up soon, sorry we have been working all crazy times.

  9. you should do more zoid models

  10. I looked over the HobbyLink Japan website. I noticed you don’t have a large selection of Zoids kits. If possible, do you know anywhere else to buy Zoids Model kits? I can’t seem to find any.. anywhere. The United States is a tough place to look for Zoids.

  11. Hello Syd and Ryan from deepest darkest Northumberland UK. I love the show. I have a couple of tips that may be relevant to your recent builds. 1) Consider purchasing some clamps, they save a lot of heartbreak and you don’t need an extra pair of hands. I use the trigger type which cost a couple of quid. 2) When building any kit that requires a lot of screws: I colour code each type of screw head with a blob of acrylic paint eg type “b” screws could be painted Lilac, type “C” sky blue etc etc. It takes only a few minutes to do the lot and boy does it save some time later. I never assume that screwing in a kit part will be the last time I see it 🙂 Many thanks again for the show, although I have been a kit assembler for over 40 years I still find something new.

  12. The heads is different from gunpla tv.. hahaha owesome..


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