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1/144 Cybaster SP (Spirit Possession Ver.) by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

1/144 Cybaster SP (Spirit Possession Ver.) – Available From HobbyLink Japan

Rrobbert184-Cybaster-Review (1)

Cybaster from Super Robot Wars is now all put together, and possessed! Let’s see how it looks.

Rrobbert184-Cybaster-Review (2)
Nothing more than a good pair of plastic nippers is necessary for putting it together.

Rrobbert184-Cybaster-Review (3)
Front, side, and back shots. Good color overall, with even more appearing when you see the back of the legs.

Rrobbert184-Cybaster-Review (4)

Rrobbert184-Cybaster-Review (5)

Rrobbert184-Cybaster-Review (6)
You can see a lot of detail around the head and the chest. The purple goes well with the grey.

Rrobbert184-Cybaster-Review (7)
The elbows can bend almost 180° due to the double joints. The forearm shield is removed here to show off the elbow.

Rrobbert184-Cybaster-Review (8)
The knees can bend 90°.

Rrobbert184-Cybaster-Review (9)
The only weapon it’s got is the sword Discutter Kyou with some nice precarved details. There are also some optional hands, and some fun parts for Spirit Possession Version.

Rrobbert184-Cybaster-Review (10)
Even with only just a sword, he looks threatening.

Rrobbert184-Cybaster-Review (11)

Rrobbert184-Cybaster-Review (12)

Rrobbert184-Cybaster-Review (13)
Finally the shoulders, forearm shields and calves can be replaced to change into spirit possession version.

Rrobbert184-Cybaster-Review (14)
As for the size, it’s actually a little shorter than Master Grade Gundam 2.0.

Rrobbert184-Cybaster-Review (15)
Some final thoughts. It didn’t take me much time to build it, but certainly required a bit of care. As you see in the photos, some parts are really sharp. Literally, not figuratively! Be careful building and posing, or you might get possessed, too. There are some interesting gimmicks, like the shoulders that can be stretched for a wider range of movement, or the thrusters that have a good range of movement. Surprisingly, most parts stay together quite well, except for the small red parts around the knees. But for all the other parts, if you move them carefully, everything will be alright. I really like the overall sculpt, but do wish it could transform, too. But in terms of looks, coloring, and style, it would be a great addition to any shelf! Thanks for checking this out, everyone.

Rrobbert184-Cybaster-Review (16)
Fair and square!

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