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Charaphone: Your Favorite Characters On Screen (Sort Of)

In recent years, a lot of anime goods manufacturers are churning out their own unique lines of small, collectable merch and other goods. Today, we’ve decided to highlight one of the new lines that has caught our eye!

One of the most popular forms of anime goods are keyholders or keychains, which are just small charms you can attach to your bags to make them more personalized to your taste. They’re usually small and cheap, making them an easy, convenient way to show your love for your favorite series or characters.

In July 2020, the company Movic launched a new keychain line: Charaphone. These charms are designed to look like a small smartphone, buttons, icons, and all. They feature full-color artwork of popular characters that resemble a lock screen or on-screen photo.

The most recent addition to the line, which is currently up for preorder, features “Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World” characters.

You can personalize any goods you own with this simple keychain attachment. You can even go really meta if you want, and use an extra attachment to hook them to your own phone!

The back of the charms also have the series logo on it, making it look like a phone in a suitable phone case.

Pick one up now, and keep your eyes peeled to see if your favorite series gets a line of Charaphones!

Which series do you want to see added to the line?

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