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Kamen Rider Decade Violent Emotion Review

SHFigurearts: Kamen Rider Decade Violent Emotion Review
Submitted By: Mohamad Shuhaimi

Greetings heroes/citizen. It’s time for another review! I love tokusatsu series, I grew up watching all kinds of toku series. From the  popular Super Sentai series (a.k.a Power Rangers),Ultraman, Kamen Rider to some of the less known series such as Changerion, just to name a few. My favorite series among them all is, of course The Kamen Rider series.

How can you not love the show, a man transform into a leather clad superhero just by waving his hands(not applicable to most Heisei Riders, and it’s not actually waving lol), rides a cool “pimped” bike and kick monsters’ butt? To celebrate 10th  anniversary of the return of Kamen Rider series , TV Asahi aired Kamen Rider Decade.

Decade is a Kamen Rider that travels  across 9 alternate worlds, where each world have it’s own Kamen Rider, he travels to find out who he really is. During his journey, he will battle other Kamen Rider as he was accused to be the destroyer of the world but at the end of each series he will team up with other Rider  to fight the Shocker Empire. I love the story,the design of Decade and his bike Machine Decader.  That’s a little intro of Decade, you can Google it if you want to know more. Let’s continue with the review now.

Today I’m writing a review of S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Decade Violent Emotion version by Bandai .Violent Emotion is the final form of the Destroyer of the Worlds. This is the second release of Decade in S.H.F form. I missed the first version ,good thing Bandai made this Decade and even better it came with 2 new heads! This Decade actually was made according to the movie “Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Double & Decade: Movie War 2010”. This action figure was released last month and the price range from 2500-2800 Yen.

The packaging is the standard S.H.F square box with large window at front. Instead of giving the box magenta/pink color like the previous release, this time the main color of the box is black. Minimum graphics on the packaging, but the images at the back add a very nice touch to the box.

Inside the box the figure was put in a clamped plastic bubble, I really love this kind of bubble as it don’t have any twisties and tapes to hold the figure and accessories inside. Decade also came with instruction sheet in side the box.

S.H.F is all about making a character looks good without sacrificing the ability to have dynamic poses. It really is a new standard for a mass produced action figures. It managed to capture the exact looks of the actual character every time they released new figure. Being a small figure about 6 inch, the sculpt is so amazing with a lot of tiny detailing. The eyes for both heads are dark translucent green, you can see the insect’s eyes pattern through the eyes.

The normal and Violent Emotion headsculpts are not identical, which I thought it was. The Violent Emotion’s head obvious different from the normal head is the the sculpt of the eyes. I suppose it should looks like flaming fire. It is said that the normal headsculpt is a new sculpt, but honesty I can’t find any different about this head compare to the first release. It easy to swap between the two heads.

The body sculpt is amazing, I have no complaints. Instead, I can’t stop admiring the sculpt. The Ride Booker is removable but I’m not sure about the Deca Driver, I tried to remove it but it’s too tight, so I better leave it there. The Deca Driver is very detailed, while Ride Booker have a gimmick, you can open it. You know what will be better? If there’s a decal of Rider cards in the Ride Booker.

Point Of Articulations
Another selling point of Figuarts besides the great sculpt and design is the articulations. The best part about any Figuarts, is that they have a pair of metal feet. It gives the figure stability like no other action figure I’ve ever had before. the ankle have swivel joint and at the lower part there is a hinge joint.

The knee has two points of articulation, both are hinge joint. The hip joints are a combination of multiple swivel joints. The waits is ball jointed,and so is the torso. The wrists use swivel ball joints, while the elbow have two points hinge joint. I like the design of the shoulder’s joints, both sides combine ball and swivel joints, there is also swivel joint at the the lower part of the elbow. The shoulder armors can also be moved up and down. Decade’s neck have 2 points of articulation, both uses ball joints. So you can see it is a very articulated action figure. All joints are tight and mine have no joint failure.

Paint Job
The paint job deserves 2 thumbs up! I really like the the color pallet they’ve chosen. The magenta (call it pink if you want), and white paints are matte, it was applied on the sleek black buck, really a good combination.  No obvious paint smudge or bleed, at least mine don’t have these  problems. Both heads have same paint applied on, accept the little dot on the forehead-purple and yellow gemstones.

This version of Decade is missing the Rider cards. They compensate this with the new normal headsculpt. Other than that it arrives with the same accessories a Ride Booker in normal, Sword Mode and Gun Mode also included is a set of 7 pieces changeable fists/palms. This set didn’t come with figure stand actually, but if you are lucky enough , you might get the bonus Final Attack Ride stand or Cards. It is given randomly to customers, I got mine from HLJ, thanks HLJ!

Overall Score
Overall this action figures is really an awesome action figure. You get an ultra poseable figure that looks spot on compare to the real character. The joints are not only super articulated, but it also tight and durable. It can stand on it’s own with only one leg. The paint applications are so neat. But one thing I don’t like is the price, it’s kinda pricey for me. But does it worth the money I paid for? Of course no doubt!

I give this action figure ;

Packaging: 3.5/5
Design/Sculpt: 5/5 (Yeah,I really love it!)
Colorings: 5/5 (Again, it did not let me down at all!)
Point of articulations: 5/5 (Man, I really love this figure.)
Accessories: 4/5 (Can’t we at least get a Kivala too? lol)

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  1. I really loved the Decade, I just don’t buy a figuarts because of the price. But if they released a MG figurerise of Decade instead the W ( I really like him, and I’m planning to get him ) I would already have him with me. But great review, if they don’t make a MG a think I would go with the figuarts, and this review made me want it more, but let’s wait ^^

  2. These Kamen Rider figuarts are fantastic! While the price (not to mention my other collecting “responsibilities”) keeps me away, these reviews are making me rethink that choice…Nice pictures, too…

  3. Great review! I ordered one of these figures and when it arrived I was wondering why it had the black packaging versus the pink of the previous release (which I now know because of your review!)


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