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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 69 – MG Age-1 Unboxing – The Falcon Takes Shape – HG SEED Remaster Comparison!

Ask and you shall receive. A viewer asked us to show the differences between the older SEED HG kits and the new remasters and we show you just that in this episode of Gunpla TV. And Ryan, of course, is still working on that falcon. We also give you a peek into the just released MG AGE-1 Normal kit.

Kits featured in this video:

– 1/144 HG Zeydra
– 1/100 MG Gundam AGE-1 Normal
– 1/72 Millennium Falcon
– 1/20 P.K.A. Ausf.G Gustav
– 1/144 HG Lagowe

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  1. Hello.

    Good job on the Falcon Ryan! I am buidilng one myself now but I am further in the process. As I see it, the most comfortable way to do the sidewalls is to glue them to the bottom half of the hull, paint top and bottom halves separately and screw them together in the end. But maybe you will find a way more comfortable for you.

    I have also a question. Is it any remote chance on moving the Competition deadline from March 5th to, lets say, end of March? I am building the Falcon with some lightning and 3 months wasn’t enough to think everything through and I don’t want to rush anything with this model. So, is it any chance for moving the deadline???

    best wishes from Poland!

  2. Hello Syd and Ryan. I have a question about painting, and I was hoping I could get some advice. A while ago I got myself two of the Armored Core Variable Infinity Weapon Packs (pack 15 specifically) which contained a one of the folding, back mounted cannons, and now I want to paint them. My problem is, I want to maintain the fold of the main portion of the gun, but at the same time remove the seam lines, which would require me to assemble it, glue it, and then paint it, I understand that… But I’m worried about getting paint into the joint causing it to stick in place, and masking it would be a pain… it doesn’t help that I would like to keep the joint a different colour to the other two sections of the gun, though I suppose I may have to make a compromise, unless there is another way for me to remove the seam lines while still painting them separately?

  3. Hey syd, are u excited for the mastergrade marasai coming out in march? I say its about time! Great show u guys and ryan great job with the falcon. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hello There Syd and Ryan. LOL Im a Proffesional builder and my wife wont let me buy the Fine Molds Falcon kit, it’s $225 over here !!! Ryan your Falcon looks pretty good so far, my suggestion to you is to paint the front inside pieces glue them in place, glue the engine insert without the detail parts in place, put the hull together, finish putting on all the detail greebles, place the side pods on, place the falcon on a small turn table and spray the top and sides wait a while turn her over and spray the bottom. then paint and add the engine detail parts and add engine cover. One more thing I wouldnt paint the Falcon a pure white, she is definetly a grey color, really light grey.
    Hope I could help.

  5. Dear Syd and Ryan. i dont know if my submission to the Sci-Fi competition arrived because he keeps showing the loading icon…NO MATTER WHAT I DO!!!
    its annoying -.-

    • @tim what email address do you use to enter the competition?

  6. Hi Syd-
    one day can you guys do a special Episode, shows all the gundam that Syd have.;]
    Thank you,
    Stanley Xia

  7. Did anybody get a validation error when submitting thier entries for the competition ?

  8. Hey Fellas, Love the show I’ve been watching since ep.1 and guys are doing a great job. I thought I should mention that your new episodes still haven’t made it to iTunes, so I thought that the show had been canceled until I check site. I was wondering if HLJ was going to get anymore Kotobukiya – Linebarrels of Iron kits? The mech design are great maybe you should show some on the show.

    Thanks for the show.

    • @Jiancarlos our episodes will no longer be on iTunes until we figure out another method of keeping them on there.

  9. @HLJ Looks like Tim and I have the same problem.
    Hey, Luke I sent a message with my email address on youtube.

  10. Hey there Crazy Canuck and Thunder From Down Under,

    Years ago I bought from HLJ a Gundam paint marker that was silver metallic, and was suprised at how good it was at giving a mirror-like finish. I used it to touch up spots on the metallic version of the 1st MG Gundam where I had to cut parts off the tree or had gotten scratched. I was wondering if you still offered this product, and if you have ever used it. If so, whats you opinion of it?

  11. @Drango

    If you wanting to paint a moving part, theres not much that can be done. There is, however, a way to change the color without having to paint and not worrying about paint rub. Just dye the plastic parts the color you want, as long as your going from a light colored plastic to a darker color. Boil hot water, then mix it with clothing dye of the color you want in a disposable container, then dip your part in. You’ll have to monitor it if your going for a lighter shade, otherwise you’ll have a fully saturated part. Once your done, the plastic is now permanently a new color, and you won’t have to worry about rub.

  12. Hi guys, sorry but I made a mistake in my entry. We changed our email where I work and I gave the old one. I submitted the email “jesse.estrella@redpointglobal.com” when it should be “jesse.estrella@redpoint.net”, so I didn’t receive confirmation of my entry. Is there a way to change this? Thanks.

  13. Hello Syd and Ryan! Love gunpla TV and I have been watching it since ep. 1. Could you guys explain how the modelling magazines work? I just don´t get their time frames. Also, do you think books like “how to biuld better master grades” are good for modellers who can only read english?? Thanks!


  14. Hey Sid & Ryan
    Great show as always
    How about a best of show? Go back and do a recap of the builds from the begining
    Just a thought

  15. URGENT!!! I’m having the same problem as Tim and Christopher. I clicked the submit button but the loading icon just keeps appearing. I may have submitted my content twice, sorry for that inconvience. So is there anyway to know if my content was submitted? I know the competition ends on the 5th of March but what time zone is that? thank you


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