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Toy Tengoku – Episode 120 – Dollfie Dream Care Tips & Tricks (Sailor Jupiter)

For this special episode of Toy Tengoku, Lindsay is taking a break from figures to dive into the world of Dollfie Dreams! With the recent release of one of her favorite characters, Sailor Jupiter, she finally took the plunge into the DD world, and she’s here to show you what it’s all about. Join us today as we break open the box, and also introduce the care products you’ll need to display your doll without damaging it.

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  1. Jupiter’s huge

  2. yeah gotta wear gloves for this

  3. Hey Lindsay, while the topic of dolls is waaaay out of my interest region i do dabble in figure modification so i think i can help you out with the ear piercing thing, just put a little bit od double sided tape on the back of the earing, it will rest a little lower if you do it like that but at least you will have the earings on the figure without drilling into it 😉

    • Hello, and thanks for the tip!
      I will try that when I get home, but I’m afraid it might be too small. We shall see!

  4. Lindsay’s back! Woohoo! The doll is gorgeous, that price tag is a tad hefty for my wallet though! Great to get some tips on how to care for dolls like her though, for that time in the future when I (hopefully!) get one for myself! Truly a labour of love! XD

  5. Impressive, but wallet destroying.

  6. I may not be interested in these dolls, especially after knowing about their prices. But hey, it’s always cool to discover new collectibles that I didn’t even know they existed.

  7. I’ve been really interested in these figures for years. Thank you so much for sharing this, its very very informative! So a couple of questions.
    What type of material would you recommend to make clothes for them?
    Do the joints ever start to ware or loose?
    and, what is the market like for these figures outside of Japan? Like I’d love to have a Yoko Littner based one but not really sure where to start.


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