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Gunpla TV – HG Spiricle Striker Mugen

From “Shin Sakura Taisen,” the Sakura Wars reboot title that launched for the PlayStation4 in 2019, comes a new Koubu unit: the Spiricle Striker Mugen! There are two versions; detailed kits that are based on Sakura Amamiya’s and Seijurou Kamiyama’s personalized mechs from the game.

Both models feature an extension gimmick that enables expansion and contraction at the joints of the hands and feet to increase their range of action poses. The cockpit hatch can open to reveal the faithfully recreated cockpit inside, as well as the included character figure.

Be sure to add these to your collection today!

In this episode:
1/24 HG Spiricle Striker Mugen (Sakura Amamiya Type)
1/24 HG Spiricle Striker Mugen (Seijurou Kamiyama Type)

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  1. Wonder if a desktop army can fit there?

  2. Can’t decide which one I like better. Pinky or the Plain.

  3. These kits look really good, nice to see a review of them! I do like bulk, it’s a shame that it affects the articulation though. I’d be keen to see these or any of the Sakura Wars Koubu units get the RG/MG treatment, maybe we’d see some amazing innovation that would make them a more flexible as a result!

  4. wish she was painted

  5. They look so beautiful. I just wish they were a bit more articulated, but with those robot designs it’s a difficult task.

  6. The wishlist is becoming greater again

  7. Neat


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