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Toy Tengoku – Episode 42 – Erica Hartmann from “Strike Witches”

The newest episode of Toy Tengoku takes to the skies, as Ardith and Robin compare and contrast two different versions of Erica Hartmann from “Strike Witches”–an adorable Nendoroid from GoodSmile Company and Alter’s stunning 1/8-scale interpretation!
Items featured in this video:

1/8 Erica Hartmann PVC by Alter
Nendoroid Erica Hartmann


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  1. If I had to choose, I’d definitely go for the Alter version of the Erica Hartmann figure. I’m not much of a fan of the Nendoroids, though I can certainly understand why others would be. Was quite surprised to learn that there were three people who worked on the Alter figure character design. Even more so that one designed the body of the character and another designed the arms. Don’t think that happens too frequently, though I could be wrong. Looking forward to the next episode.

  2. AHHHHH They’re BOTH so cute!! I got the nendoroid, but now I want the alter too. And I usually just go for the tons of poses figures, but that alter is exquisite.


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