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COMPOSITE Ver.Ka | MBV-04 Temjin


Submitted By: CVPhased

Normally, I wouldn’t get to buy figures in the COMPOSITE Ver.Ka line due to their costs, though not really that expensive, it is when compared to the likes of Revoltech or ROBOT Damashii figures. So, when I saw this guy was on sale at HLJ, I didn’t hesitate to buy one… and here it is.

Once I got it, I immediately grabbed my camera and took some shots of this figure. And boy it’s lovely. With all the signature Katoki markings all over the body, seeing this guy posed is very satisfying.

For more, please visit my personal hobby site: http://mechacatalogue.com

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1 Comment

  1. Chicos ,sois los mejores,me han dejado alucinado viendo tanto producto y de tan buena calidad,os felicito !..y por supuesto los precios no estan nada mal;hace unos cuantos meses les hice un pedido de tres figuras de acción de mi heroe favorito:”Ultraman” de los productos Bandai solo tardó 15 dias en llegar y “EN CORREOS NO ME COBRARON NADA AL ENTREGARME A DOMICILIO EL PEDIDO!,espero que sigan así….hasta pronto!…un amigo y comprador desde las Islas Canarias-España

    You guys are the best, left me stunned seeing as both product and good quality, I congratulate you! .. And of course the prices are not bad, a few months ago I made an order for three action figures of my hero favorite: “Ultraman” Bandai products only took 15 days to arrive and “iN POST did not charge anything in handing aT HOME ORDER!, I hope you keep it up …. soon! … a friend and buyer from Canary Islands, Spain


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