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Toy Tengoku – Episode 32 – Fewture God Phoenix – One Piece Desktop McCoy #3

A warehouse expedition nets Ardith and Robin a pair of great new items: Fewture’s EX Gokin God Phoenix and MegaHouse’s Desktop Real McCoy One Piece #03. Plus, a good stand for figures, and 3D action with a certain pop-up book!

Kits featured in this video:

Fewture EX Gokin God Phoenix G-5
MegaHouse Desktop Real McCoy One Piece #03
Bandai Tamashii Stage Act.5 Action Support Type for Mechanics
Shueisha One Piece Grand Paper Adventure 3D


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  1. Yeh, TT is back! After several weeks, I was starting to go through withdrawals. 🙂

    As always, great show. Thought the EX Gokin God Phoenix looked pretty spiffy and I liked how Fewture included extra parts that allowed the thruster vents to be shown either open or closed. Takes me back a few decades when I used to watch Battle Of The Planets as a lad.

    Also liked the third figure in Megahouse’s Real McCoy One piece series. I really enjoy when companies produce figures based on artwork, such as from pop-up books, manga, or stand alone illustrations. Just adds to the depth of the art, whether physically or emotionally.

    I remember having and reading pop-up story books when I was a kid, but nothing quite as elaborate or as physically thick as the One Piece Grand Paper Adventure book that Ardith let us have a look-see through. Man, that’s taking the art of pop-up books to a whole other level.

    Contest? Contest?? I’m intrigued! Already looking forward to the next episode. 🙂

  2. Love pop-up books! The one from One Piece is extremely nice! Saw one on eBay selling for $200 USD.

    I know I might be asking for the impossible here (since, it hasn’t been released, and it has a very high demand), please show the 1/8 scale Ultimate Madoka when she gets released! If not…review a “Mami-ed” version of Mami…

    Please keep up the amazing work, always looking forward to the next show!

    PS, as a person born a lot later than you two, my knowledge of anime is limited to the recent dozen years or so. What are your favorite animes from the 1998 and onwards?

  3. Just to add my favourite anime: Code Geass.


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