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1/100 FFR-31MR/D Super Sylph Yukikaze by Alter (Part 1: Unbox)

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii

Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com


For a slight break from our regular mecha toy fare, we thought it worth reviewing the Super Sylph Yukikaze from the Gonzo animated Sentou Yousei Yukikaze series that was released back in 2002. This toy is actually a re-release from 2008, also by Alter, but we have a high regard for the series and thought it worth covering.

Yukikaze actually started life out as a series of novels written by Chouhei Kambayashi and featured the plight of a introverted reconnaissance pilot by the name of Rei Fukai on the planet Fairy, fighting back an alien force known only as the JAM that had opened a wormhole over Antarctica nearly 30 years previously.

The anime took the novels and merged the then relatively new approach to CG in order to handle the planes and combat. This was just prior to the release of the excellent Macross Zero as well and was one of the main motivators to keep the CG quality for Zero so high.

The designs for the series were also purposefully made to look odd and almost un-aerodynamic in order to foster a sense that not only technology had advanced fighting the JAM, but also that fighting on Fairy required a different fighter compared to that of Earth.

As such the Super Sylph Yukikaze was meant to be a highly potent and fast fighter the likes of which neither Fairy nor Earth had ever seen.

There was even an Xbox game released along with the series but it was pretty terrible, so it’s best avoided, really.

Various kits of the Super Sylph were released back in the day but this completed model by Alter was the one to have. Not least for the sculpt but also the insane detailing. Whilst technically a toy, it is very much a fragile one and meant more for display.









There aren’t really any moving parts on this toy but it does look gorgeous and the detailing is superb. In any case, we’ll cover more in the full review later.

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  1. it looks amazing, but too expensive for me after ordering a ton of kits from HLJ (just waiting for the tachikoma re-release, also I would prefer if this were a model kit, I like to build the stuff i’,m going to display, I know there are some kits out there but those are tinny, the Super Sylph is a amall plane and at 1/144 or 1/100 are just to small to stand out on my shelf, crossing my fingers that hasegawa one day decide to do kits from this amazing series.

  2. Bandai did a 1/100 kit back in 2003:


    However, I would argue that the sculpt and detailing on this Alter model is much much nicer.

    It is expensive though but it’s not unreasonable considering what you’re getting.

    A Hasegawa kit would be lovely though, as they do great Macross variable fighters after all!


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