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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 17 – Seam Line Removal Tutorial!

This video talks about seam-lines and probably the easiest way to remove them, by using modeling cement. Just be sure to wash your hands afterwards. As with anything in modeling there are always alternatives and techniques people prefer over others. If you have a different technique for removing seam lines and want to share it with the Gunpla community why not submit it to Hobbylink.tv?

Gundam models shown in this video :
– 1/100 MG RGZ-95 ReZEL
Finishing Abrasives P400 (3pcs)


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  1. Crazy to think ye’re already 17 episodes in.

    How time flies.

  2. Definitely looking forward for the Video of painting Sinanju since i still need to improvise my painting skill.

  3. Talking about gluing weapons I was wondering how do you mod the swinging handles many beam rifles have so they fit in after gluing without ruining the actual swinging mechanic.

  4. Wow, you talked my name and I was ” Did he say my name? “. I am very pleased to see how you guys give the viewers attention =). I will surely going to try use the techniques in my Geara Zulu and my Hi-nu, since some parts need some paint apps. But my Sinanju will be untouched until I get some experience xD.

    One thing about the rifle, my MG wing ew rifle is a liitle bent, my Quanta sword too, I read that i can fix it with hot water, but I just can’t get it right. Do you already did that Syd?

  5. !!!!how dare you not give the rezel more attention!!!
    build the rezel please! or at least have more about!

  6. Yeah, that’s exactly how I remove them. But i use a file to sand the glue off 1st. Then i use sandpaper after wards for the smoothing.

    How can I contact you directly, I have a question re guarding a LED light up option directions that came with my MG GNX-603T. How can I get it? Does HLJ have them or can you order one for me?

  7. Hi Derrick,

    Regarding the LED optional part for the MG GN-X you will need to contact our parts department at parts@hlj.com.

  8. Hi Syd,

    where can I get the Tamiya Cement you used in this video??

  9. Hi TAG,

    Most local hobby shops should have it.

  10. Can you make a video on how to shadow a gundam?

  11. Do you have any suggestion on removing the seam lines on MG kit?

    Let say the leg parts because you have to put the two armors over the skeleton and then sand them but if I want to prime them and repaint the armor again does that mean i have to put masking tape over the skeleton part?

  12. Whats the best way to remove seamlines, if you don’t intend to paint?


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