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Bandai’s Saving The Planet – With Free Gunpla

What’s better than a free Gunpla? Well, Bandai says it’s Gunpla made from recycled materials! At various locations for the next month, Bandai is giving away Ecopla – Gunpla made from recycled materials! Those who pick up these environment-friendly Gundam can build them on-site, or take them home to build them at their own convenience. There is, however, one single catch! Bandai asks builders to recycle the runners once you’re done. Hey, that’s not too big of an ask, right?

If you’re in Japan in the next month and want to know where you can pick up one of these free, check out Bandai’s page on the project!

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  1. That’s a great initiative. Is Bandai going to extend its scope to as wider range ? What about the other manufacturers ?

    • We sure hope so, but it sounds like things are still in the early stages. Still, Bandai has definitely been pushing forward on its recycling efforts, so our fingers are crossed for expansion in the future.


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