Mar 27

The end of March brings us a whole bunch of new goodies and we don’t waste any time showing them off. March also brings warmer weather, in some places anyway, so Ryan again gets himself outside to paint his beloved Millennium Falcon.

Kits featured in this video:

1/144 HG Gundam AGE-2 Double Bullet (AGE-2DB)
1/144 HGUC MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type (Yonem Kirks Custom)
1/144 HGUC RMS-108 Marasai (Unicorn Ver.)
1/100 MG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee
1/72 Millennium Falcon



  1. Hey Syd,
    I don’t know if it is something I am doing or if I just keep getting bad kits, but when I’m trying to do a panel wash on the frames, a lot of times parts will just crumble apart. Is there something in the thinner that causes the plastic to soften????

    P.S. Ryan MAN UP!!! (That’s what she said)

    • Frames on Gundams are normally made of ABS which is a different composite than the armor. They react more strongly to things like enamels.

  2. Silly question but, I just bought the PG Strike Freedom from your gunpla sale and I have to ask, why did bandai use three different types of gold on it, I wouldn’t feel the need to paint the gold if they were all 1 color, but they used three different kinds, it makes it look silly…

  3. hi guys!
    i hope i win at least 3rd price in the beginner category.hehe.
    anyway.which produces a better matte finish, mr. top coat or mr. super clear?
    any notes i should remember??

  4. hey syd and Ryan, i’ve looked over the contest entries but i don’t see mine and i submitted it around the end of February and got the recieved message. Is there a problem or are you still putting up entries on facebook

    • We did get your entry, but apologies for not putting it up yet. You should see it up there very soon.

  5. Hey Syd,
    Huge fan of the show because I’ve learned so much from you (I dont mean to exclude Ryan, he’s pretty awesome.) But i was trying to replace a polycap on my MG Zeta Plus with a polycap from my MG RX-78-4, but a question occured to me: Are there similar polycaps for all kits, are they all individal. Like if the “A” polycap looks like the “K” on another (Just hypothetically,) would it be the same? P.S. Ryan doesnt have to man up if he doesnt want to.

    • Bandai will often reuse poly-caps in designs (and even entire poly-cap runners). While I can’t say for sure if the poly-caps in your example would be the same, the best bet is to try the out and see if they work.

  6. Hey guys, a couple questions this time and a comment. Starting with the comment: It does take a man to build those huge complicated kits. So Ryan, you are the man. Syd is a man too. Speaking of huge kits, how’s the SDF-1 doing? Lastly, for Syd, I remember asking him about the 1/100 7th Gundam kit. But I later found out a rumor saying that it’s a conversion kit, turning the RX-78-2 model into the RX-78-7 7th Gundam. If this is true, how can one get a conversion kit and are there any other conversion kits out there?

  7. no prob thanks for answering

  8. owdy from Texas!

    I love the show, Ryan and Syd! I am very new to Gunpla but I have jumped in head first. I have watched every episode now I am forced to wait a week between shows! Do you guys recommend any other sites to watch reviews, or how-to’s?

    Also, do decals apply well after a top coat?


  9. Hi Syd-
    one day can you guys do a special Episode, shows all the gundam that Syd have.;]
    Thank you,
    Stanley Xia

    • We were contemplating that after you originally asked that question, but do I really want to show my messy house to everyone?

  10. the filming wasnt as crappy as syd said it would be in ep 72 but it was better when luke was there. we miss ur filmin luke!!!

  11. did luke film it cuz i just realised that it still says filming by luke at the end

    • We haven’t yet changed some of the titles on the videos. The 3D was designed by Luke so his name should stay up there somewhere.

  12. Can’t wait till my MG Banshee final battle ver.! >:D
    I prefer the black and blue Psycho frame :3

  13. Going along my last question. Do you HAVE to coat your pieces before a wash? If not is there certain pieces you shouldn’t wash?

    • You should coat your piece if you are doing an enamel wash, etc, because the thinners can have a strong effect on the paint you laid down. I don’t normally do any washes on frame parts (them being ABS is one of the reasons). Usually a good dry brush is enough to bring out the details of the frame.

  14. Hey Syd,
    Another question regarding my last one. I was going to replace the polycap on my MG RX-78-4, and I noticed I didn’t need half of the polycaps. So I was wondering, are those pieces just spare parts, or is the kit part of something bigger? There were polycaps I’d never even seen on the runner.

    • Hi Kyle,

      Bandai will quite often reuse runners, especially poly-cap runners if the kit designs are similar. In the first two pages of the manual they give a list and diagram of all the runners for the kit. Often you will notice there will be a big X through a part of the diagram. This indicates that the part on the runner is not used in the assembly of the kit.

  15. Great episode guys! Though its quite shorter than the usual episodes.

    I having a mixed reactions to the orange psycho frame of banshee. All this time I thought it would be a shiny gold plated thing.

  16. To encourage Syd to show us his collection…….you already have pictures of your “messy house” on your blog, so it’s pretty safe to say a lot of us have already seem it (hinting at your heavyarms aiming at your laundry)

  17. Hey guys my question is for syd I would greatly appreciated if you could let me know what you think about Panel lining gold parts like in the strike freedom or the Delta gundam I would really appreciate your advice and input on the subject. I myself am not sure if I should panel line the goal parts or not. Thank you very much for your assistance.

    • Hi Vince,

      It’s ultimately up to you but usually panel lines represent shadows or dirt that gets into the armor seams. If you want your kit to seem like it has seen some use then maybe panel lining is the way to go. I personally wouldn’t panel line the delta gundam. The armor is so beautiful as it is.

  18. Ok now for a question for you Syd,
    I’ve been trying to expand my modeling skills from a Lv. 3 (in HLJ terms) to a Lv. 4. I’ve gone from .nothing in January to weathering, panel washing, and working with LEDs (00 Seven Sword). What would you suggest I tackle next to improve my skill?

  19. would it make any difference if you spray a peice silver and then black rather than just black. will it look shinier?

  20. Syd , maybe a group shot of all the Gundams you have made so far ? =) Though , minor question , now that the scifi contest is over and the winners have been annouced , can we post up the pics of the kit entered in the contest on facebook etc ?

  21. Hi Syd, Ryan.

    First of all, great show, and the Sci fi contest was great, my entry was there, but i guess that my skill is not good enough yet.

    i have a question (i made this question on your blog syd but maybe you didn´t saw it.)

    I want to pick a limited edition HG strike freedom, wich is going to be sold on the expo Gundam Front Tokio.

    As i don´t have any remote chance to travel to Japan (or travel at all, LOL !), is there any chance that HLJ pick some of those kits to sell ?

    Thanks for everything guys.

    P.S: Ryan, keep working on that Millenium falcon, im eager to see it finished !

    • Syd said on April 2, 2012

      I think the only chance you will have to find that kit is to locate a web store that has access to them. HLJ isn’t able to obtain these kits through normal distributor channels.

  22. (Not sure where to ask this question because ep. 74 isn’t under the gunplaTV page, so ill ask this in both)
    Hey Syd, Ryan. I have a few questions about removing seam lines. I watched Syd’s tutorial, however I still have unanswered questions.
    1. How long should you let the glue sit for before sanding?
    2. Do you NEED clamps to hold the piece for the cement to work?
    3. Have you ever heard and/or tried melting the seams with heat?

    • Syd said on April 3, 2012

      Let the glue set for a day. You don’t need clamps but they do help keep the thing together so you can go do other things. I haven’t tried using heat because the cement method is quite simple. Using heat could lead to warping of the piece and then it might be ruined.

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