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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 44 – Yamato, MG Epyon, & The Boss’ LFA Pt. 1

We had a brief one-week hiatus due to our fiscal year end and inventory count but we are back! Sure seeing lots of model kits in the warehouse is fun but when you have to count every single one for inventory it sure can take a while.  In this episode, newbie Ryan moves one step closer to finishing the Yamato and Syd gives a closer look into the fantastic plastic that is the MG Epyon. Plus Scott, the boss, is here with his first segment for modelers looking to build something non-snap-fit.

In this episode:
1/144 HGUC RGM-86R GM III E.F.S.F. Mass-produced mobile suit
1/100 MG Epyon
1/500 Space Battleship Yamato
1/350 IJN BB Yamato

And for the for use on the Epyon, the Real Touch Red Marker!

And check out the Europe Gunpla Cup competition being sponsored by HobbyLink Japan over at macforums!

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  1. just so you know Scott,,the LFA is made by Lexus, not Toyota, xD

    Good tutorial though, keep them going =]

    • @Laurence When you get down to it Lexus is Toyota.

  2. I wish we could see a Space Battleship Yamato and a Battleship Yamato in the same scale…

    Has Scott ever worked or thought about working with his voice, like narrating or doing commentary? He has a perfect voice for that, which makes these instructional videos seem very professional XD

  3. oh joy another Gunpla TV episode 🙂 thanks for putting some standard tips for “regular” plamodeling also. think i will get a Tamiya or Academy race car kit one of these days.
    BTW i am planning on submitting a few painted kits on the European Gunpla comp. hardly any interest in Gunpla here in Norway but lots of people in my age range and younger are into anime. feels like Gunpla would be a reasonable transition. i suppose no one has put any real effort into bringing the hobby into the light around here. i spent over 10 years growing up in S. Korea so naturally Gunpla was a big thing growing up. someone has to crack this market fast… that way i won’t have to spend so much time online venting my Gunpla excitement to a virtual audience.

  4. Nice Boss Builds segment. Great to see the return of “real modeling” to the show, and Scott really knows how to present things. (I wish my “messy workspace” were half that organized…)
    What’s the plan for finishing the Yamato? I’m all about the full build & paint routine, of course, but since that’s not where you’re headed with it, there’s still some nice, relatively simple opportunities to make the kit look a bit nicer: weathering, perhaps, or an overall wash or filter to give the colors a bit of variation and depth… And there’s the fighters that come with the kit, which ought to be painted up so you can complete the display…

    • @George The Yamato is finished, it was a basic snap fit build with some panel lining and a flat coat.

  5. Great video! I had a few questions though.

    After the spray paint dries on the Yamato would are the moveable parts still able to move?

    Syd, If you had to pick one High Grade GM kit to build which one would you choose?

    And what brand of spray paint would you recommend? I live in the States and have been trying to find one I like. I have used Testor which is good, but can only get the small spray cans. I also tired clear gloss Rust-o-lum (figured why not) and have had mixed results, I don’t recommend it.

    • @Dan Yep the parts are still moveable! And Syd says…..I would get the HGUC GM Custom because it looks meaner than the other GMs out there.
      I use only Tamiya and Mr. Hobby spray cans because they are available easily here in Japan. I use Tamiya more often than not but Mr. Hobby has some colors that Tamiya does not.

  6. Ah. In the video Ryan said the Yamato would be done -next- week, so I thought there might have been more. I guess he was just saying it would appear in next week’s video.

  7. Another great show !!! Keep it up please

  8. Thanks a tonne for mentioning the contest guys! I cant thank you enough! wow.

    I really like the direction the show is taking in terms of going through the basics and keeping it very informal. It makes the videos fun to watch and at the end of the day the hobby is about fun right! Its great to see Syd and Ryan interacting on camera and the last portion of this video was very helpful having scott run through the do’s and donts!

    Thanks for taking the time ot make this series guys.


  9. @Fernando Costa: I worked as a DJ at a radio station while in high school and college in the USA, and have done voiceover work for a view video games and corporate videos here in Japan. Thanks for the compliment!

  10. Another great episode of GunPla TV! The Yamato looks awesome and I can’t wait to see the LFA once it’s built.

    Syd and HLJ, thanks for answering my question last time regarding the customized color of the beam rifle. Keep up the great work!!

  11. Ryan is totally brilliant on this show; really great idea having him there permanently. I think he really adds to it.

    Also, like Fernando said, Scott is made for this kind of stuff. Brilliant to see Boss Builds back.


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