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The HG Core Docking System – A Complete Guide to Core Gundam (with Infographic)

With Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise having wrapped up and the last Core Gundam releases (that we know of) happening early this year, it’s time to put out our first complete Core Gundam guide!

In this guide:

  1. What is Core Gundam & the Core Docking System?
  2. The PLANETS System vs the Core Docking System
  3. The Core Docking System So Far (w/ Downloadable Infographic)
  4. The HG Core Docking Kits System (List w/ Links)
  5. Core Docking System Checklist (Downloadable)
Marsfour, Veetwo, Earthree, & Jupitive

What is Core Gundam & the Core Docking System?

To recap: the Core Docking system is a rather new feature from Bandai that started appearing in kits from Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise. The system is a modular one, allowing you to build various Gundam configurations from the show, and giving you the ability to easily mix & match parts to customize your own Gunpla.

That said, the Core Gundam — of which there are several types — are the bare-bones, base mobile suits that become various planet-based Gundam when different parts are added.

Parts needed to build the Re:Rising Gundam

PLANETS System vs Core Docking System

We often hear both of theses names used when referring to Core Gundams — sometimes interchangeably. So what’s the actual difference?

The PLANETS System is from the Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise anime, and refers to the system created by Hiroto through which he can change up his Core Gundam’s configuration.

The Core Docking System is Bandai’s model kit system that refers to all the Gunpla, armors, and accessory sets that can be interchanged to create the Gundam from the show, or your very own. Basically: you use the Core Docking System in your Gunpla kits to recreate the PLANETS System from the show!

Saturnix, Nepteight, and Uraven Units

The Core Docking System So Far

Because there are so many kits and configurations available, we’ve put together a guide to show you every kit in the Core Docking System, as well as how to combine them to recreate the kits from the show. Of course, you can always create your own combinations, too!

You can use the links below the graphic to find all of these kits at HobbyLink Japan!

Click to view and download the full size

The HG Core Docking System Kits

Core Docking System Checklist

SNS story compatible. Click to view and download the full size.

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  1. Fantastic guide. Exactly what every beginner needs to get into this line of products because it’s very confusing.


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