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Frame Arms Girls Materia White Ver. by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

Frame Arms Girls Available From HobbyLink Japan

Rrobbert184-Materia-Review (17)
Frame “unarmed version” Arms Girl Materia is all put together. Let’s see how the kit looks after assembly!

Rrobbert184-Materia-Review (2)
A good pair of plastic nippers is all you need to put the kit together.

Rrobbert184-Materia-Review (3)
Front, side, and back shots. Definitely different from your typical Kotobukiya or Bandai robots.

Rrobbert184-Materia-Review (4)

Rrobbert184-Materia-Review (5)

Rrobbert184-Materia-Review (6)
There’s a little bit of a mecha look to remind you she’s a Frame Arms Girl.

Rrobbert184-Materia-Review (7)
The arms can bend 135°.

Rrobbert184-Materia-Review (8)
And the legs almost 180°. Notice that her toes can move independently.

Rrobbert184-Materia-Review (9)
Two additional faces and lot of hands are included. And the real stand out is the joint parts to add all the M.S.G weapons.

Rrobbert184-Materia-Review (11)
The mobility is solid as you can see.

Rrobbert184-Materia-Review (12)

Rrobbert184-Materia-Review (10)

Rrobbert184-Materia-Review (13)
Of course, the point of Frame Arms Girls is the arms!  Here she’s armed up with some M.S.G. weapons, including something out of Gurren Lagann.

Rrobbert184-Materia-Review (14)

Rrobbert184-Materia-Review (15)
In terms of height, she’s a head taller than a Real Grade Z’gok.

Rrobbert184-Materia-Review (16)
Some final thoughts: This kit is quite solid in every way, including the sculpt. Speaking of mobility, there are no complaints to make, as you can see a lot of different poses that don’t require the help of a stand. The most important thing is that it’s a perfect fit for the M.S.G weapons, though there would likely be some weight issues with heavy weapons.  Now that the line is getting bigger, there’s more and more swapping options between the different Frame Arms as well.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. I have been using this kit to kitbash with gundams 😀

  2. I have to agree this kit is very solid, this is why i’ll be getting innocentia too


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