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1/144 Arblade Custom


Submitted By: Yami

I bought this kit during Kotobukiya sale last year on HLJ and i would say this is easily the best SRW kits under 4000 Yen. The amount of accessories are quite plenty for a SRW kit.

Arblade Custom is one of the Original Mecha Designs for Titular mecha game Super Robot War. The Mecha is the upgraded version of Arblade(R-Blade for translation version) and piloted by Ryusei Date. So far this is one of the mecha that has not appeared in SRW OG series and got a model kit treatment.

The kit does not need any paint in order except for the wing binder and some weapons to match the original design. As for Articulation it does not have really good articulation but at least much better compared to older SRW kits. You can also make either Arblade or the Arblade Custom with some part swapping but you need to paint the former one to match the original color.

My favorite gimmick for this kit is the Armor parts(known as Jacket Armor in the game) which is additional armor for the torso and the leg that can be removed. The gimmick is good enough for the size of this kit though 1/100 Wildwurger still had better gimmick for the armor. The Wing Binder is pretty impressive as well, when both of the wing are expanded it spans more than 30cm and the kit still manage to stand firm.

I would recommend this kit for anyone that are interested in SRW kits considering this one of the better from SRW lineup that Kotobukiya can offer.

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  1. nice looking mech 🙂


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