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Pokemon puzzles: Crystal Puzzle and Kumu Kumu Puzzle Mini Pikachu

Pikachu Crystal Puzzle and Kumu Kumu Puzzle Mini Pikachu are available from HobbyLink Japan

A lot of companies produce merchandise dedicated to Pokémon and a very good part of it is dedicated to Pikachu, for obvious reasons. Today we are taking a look at two 3D puzzles dedicated to the popular character; one by Beverly Enterprises Inc. and the other by ensky.

I’ve done a lot of puzzles, with more or less frustration, depending on so many factors, but I’ve never done a 3D one — if I don’t count that time I built one of those layered things some company did in the shape of monuments and the like. In any case, I surely haven’t done a puzzle like these two here.

Kumu Kumu Puzzle Mini (3D Jigsaw Puzzle) Pikachu

The first one I built is the one by ensky, so the Kumu Kumu Puzzle Mini Pikachu. I’m not very impressed with this one for two reasons; 1) the design of this Pikachu is very weird and once assembled this thing doesn’t look like a Pikachu at all and 2) assembling this puzzle is kind of boring.

The Kumu Kumu Puzzle is made of a rather soft plastic, which I bet will take a dubious shape aging, but I’m not complaining about materials as it’s just a puzzle and is meant as a fun activity more than something one would build just to display it. I believe that this one is okay, but just that. I’m not a big fan, as you might have guessed.

The assembly process

Although the assembly of this puzzle is really effortless, I filmed myself while putting it together. This will give a more detailed idea of how this item is.

Pikachu Crystal Puzzle

The Pikachu Crystal Puzzle is, on the contrary, something I fully enjoyed. The idea of this puzzle, and I mean the way it has to be assembled, is something fascinating and I like it when something is not too easy to complete.

Beverly Enterprises Inc. seems to have thought a lot — or at least as much as necessary — about an entertaining way to build Pikachu which seems like a kind of giant, yellow candy. This puzzle is cool and tricky to make; I’ll be honest, I ended up downloading the PDF guide for assembly –as suggested on the back part of the box — after a couple of fails and some pieces almost getting shattered under the sole of my shoes.

In any case, I ended up getting a good-looking crystal Pikachu who really looks like the Pokémon character, and I’m pleased. The only issue I had is with the stickers for the black parts of Pikachu’s ears, which I ended up painting with acrylics in the end.

This second puzzle is cute, and I enjoyed putting it together. I like how well designed it is, and it also makes a good looking display item, now sitting on my desk in my bedroom.

The assembly process

Here’s the assembly process of the crystal puzzle. I filmed this after those fails I was talking about earlier and following detailed assembly guide PDF.

Comparison and final thoughts

Both of these puzzles are fun to make, although one is way too simple and boring and the other gave me some bad headache. Honestly, I prefer the “bad headache” one –Pikachu Crystal Puzzle — between the two because the character is well made and actually resembles Pikachu and at least I got some kind of satisfaction building it (although cheating with assembly guide).

Well, the Kumu Kumu Puzzle Mini Pikachu isn’t for me, although some might find it actually interesting. What didn’t work for me is the design of the character, because this isn’t Pikachu in my mind as it doesn’t resemble it at all. As for the assembly, I could have really ignored how boring it is if I at least got something good looking in the end.

My verdict definitely is the Pikachu Crystal Puzzle, this one is my winner!

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