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Pokemon Plamo Dragonite Evolution Set Unboxing

Pokemon Plamo Dragonite Evolution Set

Bandai’s line of Pokemon Plamo isn’t anything new. These kits have been around for a while and have, but I’ve recently noticed that a lot of folks don’t know about their existence, and I want to remedy that. We’ve already looked at a couple of kits in the past here at hobbylink.tv, and plan to continue doing so, to give our readers an up-close look at what each of these kits has to offer!

Though a lot of these kits are usually backordered on our site, there’s good news: Bandai reproduces many of them often enough that placing an order usually means you’ll get one, if you’re willing to wait a little while.

Today, we’re taking a look at one of the fun evolution sets that builds one each of every monster in an evolutionary line. Specifically, today’s kit is the Dragonite set that also builds Dratini and Dragonair.

The Box

Pokemon Plamo Dragonite Evolution Set

The box itself is pretty small — there aren’t a lot of parts to these kits, so the detail on the outside of the box is also limited. On one side of the box we’re treated to a quick summary of Dragonite’s gimmicks. It has moving arms, legs, wings, and mouth. The finished product looks a little more like a toy than a model kit, which is a good thing! Having any amount of gimmicks for such a small price point is a plus.

The Runners

Pokemon Plamo Dragonite Evolution Set

The A1 runner comes in blue for Dragonair, white for Dratini (and 1 Dragonair part), and the rest in orange for Dragonite.

Pokemon Plamo Dragonite Evolution Set

A2 is all Dragonite, but molded in white for the feet and claws, beige for the tail and chest, and more orange.

Pokemon Plamo Dragonite Evolution Set

B1 and B2 contain the last Dragonite parts, including the head and some inner mechanical pieces that will bring the gimmicks to life.

Pokemon Plamo Dragonite Evolution Set

And… stickers. I’m startled by how many there are, to be honest. Dragonair and Dratini are molded in just about 1 color, so Bandai has chosen to make up for that by giving us an awful lot of stickers for the bodies. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but we’ll see how it turns out in our build review! Check back soon to see the finished kits!

And in the meantime, pick your own set up here!:
– Pokemon Plamo Dragonite Evolution Set

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