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Pokemon Pop-Up Shop: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

The release of the “Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond” and “Pokemon: Shining Pearl” remakes has been quite the success, with trainers all around the world reliving their adventures in Sinnoh on the Nintendo Switch, or perhaps experiencing the region for the first time. It comes to no surprise that the Pokemon Company would ride on the hype and make a temporary pop up shop in Shibuya centered exclusively around the two games – a shop excitingly titled “Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Festival!” Cute, right?

While the shop will certainly have a lot of goodies for sale, the main focus of the sales are actually, well, REAL goodies! Like, treats! One of the main features up for grabs is a mining set of crystal candies that replicates the theme of the fun mining aspect of the game! The crystals come in amazing packaging and also come in four exciting flavors: blackcurrant, pear, mint, and peach coconut.

And don’t forget about the adorable and delicious-looking Piplup meringues!

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