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1/6 DOG00-M Cyan Dog by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

1/6 DOG00-M Cyan Dog by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-cyan dog-review (1)

Cyan Dog is all put together and a lot of fun when it’s done. Let’s check it out!

rrobbert184-cyan dog-review (2)
The regular tools were used.  Plus scissors for the cardboard cutouts!

rrobbert184-cyan dog-review (3)
Front and back shots.

rrobbert184-cyan dog-review (4)

rrobbert184-cyan dog-review (17)
In terms of size, it’s a lot smaller than an average Master Grade.

rrobbert184-cyan dog-review (18)
But stacks up well next to the LBX series.

rrobbert184-cyan dog-review (5)
The cartoony hands look interesting, and the shoulders have a good range of movement.

rrobbert184-cyan dog-review (6)
For the knees, double joints are used to make sure they bend well.

rrobbert184-cyan dog-review (7)
The feet bend as well.

rrobbert184-cyan dog-review (8)
The side skirts are connected to the upper leg, which can stretch out to the sides.

rrobbert184-cyan dog-review (9)
Though perhaps this kit looks simple, there are a lot of interesting features to the build, with one of the best examples being on the back, where the hatch can actually open.  There is even a handle to hold its chip, or saru medal.

rrobbert184-cyan dog-review (10)
And with the help of lots of optional parts, you’ll find even more fun ways to play. There’s lots of extra hands and visors.

rrobbert184-cyan dog-review (11)
The clear blasting effect parts can make arm up blasting poses even cooler. And of course paint it whatever color you’d like.

rrobbert184-cyan dog-review (12)
Another option are the linear cannons for the chest.  You can stretch out the shoulders to put them in.

rrobbert184-cyan dog-review (13)
The clear missiles are another plus.  Surprisingly, they can actually shoot, as this is where the springs are used.  This gimmick really reminds me of early BB Senshi kits from Bandai.

rrobbert184-cyan dog-review (14)
And of course, here comes the comic cutouts!  Such a simple addition, but it really bumps up the fun level.

rrobbert184-cyan dog-review (15)
Looks like something right out of a manga!

rrobbert184-cyan dog-review (16)
And if you go aerial, it’s even more fun.

rrobbert184-cyan dog-review (19)
I think this is the more interesting kits I’ve built over the last year.  If you like the LBX line from Bandai, this should be right up your alley.  The mobility, the looks and the gimmicks far exceed expectations.  However, you may get frustrated from time to time due to a few parts falling off, but for the most part it feels solid.The best thing for me are the gimmicks and optional parts. They can easily make the kit look outstanding if you want to engage your playful side.  The cardboard cutouts and missiles make you want to play with it like it’s an action figure.  Overall, even without knowing anything about the game or anime, from the build to the results, I think you’ll enjoy this kit.

rrobbert184-cyan dog-review (20)
“Why don’t you believe I’m a dog?”

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