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New Plamo Arrivals For February 11, 2022

The big new plamo arrival this week is the MG Dom! Bandai also brings us new 30 Minutes Missions and Pokemon Plamo, plus we’ve got a new mecha girl kit with mecha motorbike, Number 57, and …. pot stickers! Check it all out below!

If any kits in this post are backordered when you read this, don’t worry — Bandai is great about restocking periodically. But, you’ll want to get your order in to secure a spot in line for the next restock!


MG Dom

The popular 1/100-scale Dom from “Mobile Suit Gundam” has now been upgraded with new molds and part updates! The waist and arm parts are newly molded; the shape of the arm has been modified so that the connection between the shoulder and the forearm looks more natural, and the elbow joint structure has also been redesigned. A forward swing mechanism is now mounted on the connection between the shoulder and torso for improved posability; the impressive pose of wielding the Giant Buzz has now reduced the interference of each part for smoother posing.

The hip now features a swing joint, too, and the range of motion in the legs has been greatly expanded by adding movable axes to the thigh connection, and updating the waist side armor. The internal frame of the ankles has also been changed to reproduce the Dom’s characteristic crouching pose. Weapons such as the Giant Buzz, Raketen Buzz and Sturm Faust are also included.


MS GENERAL MG-05 Ma Chao x Kyoryo

The next entry into Ms General’s “Syokon-Ki” figure-kit lineup is the mechanical girl Ma Chao, together with her motorcycle-type special weapon Kyoryo! Named after a youkai from Chinese mythology, Kyoryo can be equipped with a laser blade weapon. Ma Chao is fully posable after assembly, too.

30 Minutes Missions

30MM EXM-A9a Spinatio (Army Specification)

The 30MM (30Minutes Missions) Spinatio is now available in a Maxion Army specification! This all-in-one item combines armor and weapon parts in addition to the main figure; while taking full advantage of the range of mobility, there’s no pinching during assembly. Various weapons such as assault rifles, combat knives and shields are included, and a common 3mm joint structure allows you to combine existing 30MM items with this kit.

Number 57

NUMBER 57 Armored Puppet Pirate Mr.J

A new robot, the pirate-like Mr. J., has appeared in Creative Field’s “Armored Puppet” plastic kit lineup! The set comes with parts to build two bodies — a captain and a sailor — and they’re equipped with a wide range of armaments like cannons, anchors and curved swords. In addition, the first release of this kit will include two battle droids: a treasure chest type and a parrot type! (These items are only included with the first release of this kit.)


Pokemon Plastic Model Collection Quick !! 09 Jigglypuff

This model kit of Jigglypuff is easy and simple to assemble — it’s perfect for your first plastic model experience! It’ll be about 7.5cm tall when assembled, and since the parts are molded in color, you don’t need paint. The parts are easy to remove from the runners too — no tools are necessary!

Unusual Kits

Gyoza Plastic Models

The look delicious, but they’re not edible! These kits build into eerily accurate, lifesize gyoza (pot stickers)! You can grab full or half servings, each with clear or solid colored dough.

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