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New Plamo Arrivals For December 31, 2021

We’re just a short ways away from the new year here in Japan, so it’s time for the final new plamo arrivals haul of 2021! An exciting new Mega Man kit is here, alongside a hot new ATK Girl! We’ve also got new entries from longstanding lines like Frame Arms and Hexa Gear – check it out below! Happy new year!

Mega Man

Megaman (Rockman) X Second Armor

The legendary Megaman X Second Armor finally joins Kotobukiya’s line of plastic model kits! The color coordination of each part down to the smallest details allows users to recreate the ‘Second Armor’ from the game by just assembling the model kit. He includes two new facial expressions and comes with the Zero Buster, as well.


PLAMAX MF-51: minimum factory Fighter Nose Collection VF-25F (Macross F)

This pre-painted plastic model of the fighter’s “face” features highly detailed recreations of the cockpit and landing gear. The model can be displayed with character plastic models in the same scale for an even more impressive display. Stickers are included for the markings. Enjoy creating your collection of Valkyries from throughout the history of Macross!

Frame Arms

Frame Arms TYPE-HECTOR Durandal

The TYPE-HECTOR Durandal makes its debut in Kotobukiya’s “Frame Arms” line, boasting an all-new sculpt design that’s never been seen before! The launcher/sword combo and shield can be affixed to the arms from the shoulder and can be adjusted with a high amount of flexibility. The launcher’s grip uses a sliding feature that enables it to be held in the model’s hands, as well. The sword, which is the longest in the Frame Arms series at almost 26cm long, can be removed from the base. Of course, it’s equipped with the classic 3mm joints on various areas, allowing for a wide range of customizations. The hand parts use swing joints and ‘FA Hand 2’ with gun-holding hand parts are included.

ATK Girl

ATK Girl Embroidered Uniform Guard JW059

The Embroidered Uniform Guard JW059 joins the “A.T.K. Girl” posable figure-kit lineup from Doyusha! She’s insanely posable after assembly, and can be displayed with or without her impressive armor; she’s armed with a bow, arrow, quiver and gun. Three interchangeable facial expressions are included, as is a blank one so you can create your own! A stand is included for display, and metal parts are included too.

Hexa Gear

HEXA GEAR Alternative Track Down

The Track Down is a small, unmanned, land-based HEXA GEAR developed by the military-industrial complex MSG. This is the fourth in the ‘Alternative’ series of compact models with a theme of compact size, simple design, and ease of assembly. The assembly process is similar to that of a standard governor, making it easy to assemble even for those new to plastic models. The 3 mm diameter Hexagear-standard joints provided at various places allow you to reassemble the figure using not only the Hexagear series, but also Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl, Megami Device, modeling support goods and other included parts that share the same standard. The system can be converted from a quadrupedal beast type to a tripod twin-armed droid type.

Ghost in the Shell

Tachikoma (2045 Ver.)

The personable Tachikoma from Netflix’s entry into the “Ghost in the Shell” series, “SAC_2045,” gets a new model kit from Wave! It snaps together so glue isn’t needed, and it uses polycaps at the joints for posability. Its driving mode can be reproduced with parts replacement, too. Stickers are included for its markings.

Shin Mashin Hero Wataru

PLAMAX MS-13 Metal Jacket KUOUMARU (Shin Mashin Hero Wataru)

“Shin Mashin Hero Wataru” sees a new plastic model kit of Metal Jacket KUOUMARU join the PLAMAX line! You’ll love the pearlescent and metallic colored runners and enjoy KUOUMARU with its God Sonic Wave Gun in new Metal Jacket form. The Metal Jacket version will be able to be combined with the previously released Metal Jacket RYUOUMARU, Metal Jacket JYAKOMARU and the not yet released Metal Jacket GENOUMARU and Metal Jacket SENOUMARU to create the ultimate KOUTEIRYU. This is a snap-fit kit that doesn’t require glue and the joints make use of a poly-cap connection for articulation. Gripping hands and open hands are included. Foil stickers are used to represent the coloring of certain areas and interchangeable parts allow you to display the mecha in both biped and bird form.

Dennou Boukenki Webdiver

MODEROID Gladion (Dennou Boukenki Webdiver)

“Dennou Boukenki Webdiver” shows off a brand new plastic model kit from Good Smile Company of one of the Master Web Knights, Gladion! The model boasts articulated joints, and can be transformed from vehicle mode into fighter mode without having to use any interchangeable parts. When in fighter mode, the cover parts on the calf area of the mecha can be attached and parts of the Gran Shield can be removed for a faithful recreation of how it looks in the anime.

Megami Device

New Decals

Megami Device Eye Decal 08 Asura for Tamamo-no-Mae
Megami Device Eye Decal 07 Asura for Nine Tails

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