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New Plamo Arrivals For January 28, 2022

Bandai’s got two big new plamo arrivals this week: Beelzemon from Digimon and the new Full-Mechanics Kenbu from Kyoukai Senki / AMAIM! We’ve also got new Frame Arms from Kotobukiya, a chunky new Mechatro from Hasegawa, and even a new Medabot. Check them all out below!

If any kits in this post are backordered when you read this, don’t worry — Bandai is great about restocking periodically. But, you’ll want to get your order in to secure a spot in line for the next restock!


Figure-rise Standard Amplified Beelzemon (Beelzebumon)

Beelzemon, the Demon King Digimon from “Digimon Tamers,” has been added to Bandai’s Figure-rise Standard Amplified model-kit series! The Berenjena shotgun weapons can be attached to its legs with joint parts; lead wires are used for the hair and tail, and two sets of interchangeable hands are included. Expansion ports are also included.

Kyoukai Senki / AMAIM

FULL MECHANICS MAILeS Kenbu (First Press Limited)

The MAILeS Kenbu from “Kyoukai Senki” gets a fantastic “Full Mechanics” model kit from Bandai! This intriguingly designed robot will be fully posable after assembly; its arm-mounted Super Heat Swing Type Battle Claw and dagger with shield can be attached with parts replacement. The specially structured legs are posable enough so that the knee armor can touch the ground in kneeling poses! Its portable cannon is partially textured to express the high-density details of its surface; figures of Amou Shiiba in both standing and seated poses are included. In addition, this first-production special item comes with clear outer parts so you can admire the details of the inner frame after assembly!

Frame Arms

Frame Arms NSG-X2 Hresvelgr=Ater:RE2

The Hresvelgr=Ater returns to the “Frame Arms” model kit lineup in an all-new, sleek color! Like other Frame Arms kits, the NSG-X2 Hresvelgr=Ater:RE2 comes as an articulated frame onto which you attach its armor. It can transform from its robot mode into its sweet-looking flight mode using the weapons as part of the process.


MechatroChunk No.02 Grayish Mint + Support Girl

Here’s a new Mechatro Chunk model kit! It’s molded in color, and it also snaps together so glue isn’t necessary; it’s also posable after assembly. A resin “support girl” figure is included too, to cheer on everyone learning to pilot the massive Chunk! (Glue and paint are required to complete the figure.)


KXK00-M Crossmessiah

Welcome the newest Medabot to join Kotobukiya’s plastic model lineup – the KXK00-M Crossmessiah! The Charge Buster ‘Beetle Gun’ on the right arm, the Charge Blade ‘Stag Sword’ on the left arm, and the Fully Charged ‘Charge Corne’ on its head can all be displayed out or tucked away with use of interchangeable parts. It can also transform! The kit comes with a pre-painted face visor part to recreate this model’s unique two-colored eyes. The parts are made of multi-colored plastic, allowing for easy assembly with no painting required!

30 Minutes Sisters

30MS Optional Hand Parts (White / Black)

Spice up your 30MS (30Minutes Sisters) figure kits from Bandai with this set! It includes four sets of hands in both white and black (for a total of eight sets), plus two new neck parts to enable easier left-and-right and back-and-forth motion. You’ll love it — order yours today!

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  1. “All new Hresvelgr=Ater color” NOPE, don’t think so. I got this exact same kit 4 years ago, it’s a reissue.
    And IMHO it’s one of my least favourite kits, I never undertsood how it looks that good on photos and that bad and awkward IRL. Thank god it’s cheap. PS : ITS GOT DECALS. Pretty useless ones I might add, but FA usually don’t come with decals.


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