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VF-27 Lucifer

Model: 1/72 VF-27 Lucifer Valkyrie Brera Sterne Custom

Greetings fellow hobbyists!  I’m Busterbeam from Plamo Addiction and I’ll be reviewing the VF-27 Lucifer for Hobbylink.tv.

The Lucifier is a fictional fighter jet for the Macross Frontier series.  It is a transforming fighter which means it can transform from a plane to a hybrid plane/robot mode called “Gerwalk” and finally a robot mode which is called “Battroid”.  There are actually two Gerwalk modes, one with arms and one without but we’ll talk more about that later.

Building a model like is this quite unlike building any other type of model.  Most models don’t transform let alone transform into 3 different modes.  This brings the level of sophistication of this kit up substantially.  As well as the level of difficultly.

There are many small parts and tiny nubs, latches and grooves that are essential for the transformation mechanisms to work successfully.  But let’s talk about that as we get to it.

Let’s start from the beginning!

Here are all the parts of the sub fuselage. There are many of them and some of them are very small. We'll be repeating this process many times.

Outside of my nippers I don't use many tools. An exacto knife and a Real Touch Marker (Red 1) for the nubs

Comparison of with and without Gundam Marker application

There is a lot of movement to almost all of the parts that you'll assemble. Here is the sub-fuselage assembled with a side by side comparison of the range of movement.

Very small parts with very small nubs. A lot of parts with be covered up and will never been seen once the plane is assembled. It's up to you to decide how thorough you want to be.

The next section is the main fuselage consisting of these parts.

Assembled with the sub fuselage it looks like this.

As you can see there are two optional canopies. One clear and one covered completely. The animation uses the covered type but I opted for the clear green because I went through the trouble of painting the pilots. Speaking of which...

Here is what the pilots look like before painting.

And here is what I did after.  (This is jumping ahead to when the decals have already been applied.)

I might have actual gotten the pilot position reversed and I didn’t paint them for anime accuracy. I just did what I felt looks good.

Now let’s move on to one of the main parts of this model, and one of the main attractions in my opinion; the legs.

Here are the parts for the feet.

Assembled. I love these feet. Very stable and can support the mech in same a wide range of stances. One of the highlights of this kit in my opinion.

Here are the parts for the legs.

There's lots of little mecha details to be brought out with paint if you're inclined to do so.

I was inclined to do so. Painted with Gunmetal.

Turbine mechanical detail.

Painted. Yes I did clean up that little bit of metallic brown overflow just outside of the turbine.

This is what can happen if you sand too much instead of simply scraping away the nubs with a knife. You're left with a slight indentation. On normal model kits this isn't such a big deal usually but with a Macross kit like this it's significantly more pronounced. The surfaces don't line up perfectly anymore. I did this on purpose to show you what would happen and how it would look.

This looks like a nub to be cut off but it's not. This peg is necessary. Maybe not for the transformation but for the assembly. Please be mindful of these things. If you aren't sure if something should be cut off check the manual for sure. It's easy to get confused.



The leg contains a small latch that allows the foot to slide in and out and will then lock it in place. This is part of the transforming mechanism.

Assembled. Beautiful legs! Love those lines.

I was forced to paint the thruster as well. Flat aluminum.

Now a couple of pics showing the arms.

Here are the parts for the arms.

The arm itself has it's own frame.

Here are the arms completed. Relatively simple. The part outlined in green would later be filled in with Gunmetal paint.

Next we have the mid body section which is where the wings and the top armour of the plane will attach to.

Here are the parts for the midbody.

Lot’s of mechanical detail here.

It would look lovely painted but I opted to use the supplied decals which actually cover up the rivets pictured here.

Vent detail.

Hand painted in Gunmetal again. Slightly scribed to bring the detailing out more in the thick paint.


All assembled it looks like this.

But it can move this much! This is what making a transforming mech is all about!

Add these two simple joints here...

And you start to get a machine that can do this!  This pose is one of the reasons why I love Macross fighters!


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  1. Huh? This is the model kit, right? Why is the box photo from the DX Chogokin toy?

    • George – I would suggest clearing your cache i don’t see that image.

  2. interesting, was thinking of getting a macross kit after watching Macross Frontier…but now im not too sure….it’s not the kit, it’s beautiful!

    just not confident in my skills NOT to ruined it 🙁 and it cost alot more than gundam kits, even a MG kit doesn’t cost as much as one macross kit

    • that true. its because there are more parts and more details. they are tougher to make than mg’s but they look SO good!

  3. Nice, but I want to see this finished!

  4. i would like to see this finished too.


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