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New Plamo Arrivals For December 24, 2021

We’ve got a lot of exciting new plamo this week from Macross, Hinabatchi-B.E.E., Zoids, and more! In addition to a pile of innovative new kits, we’re also pleased to present several new Gundam cutting mats, 1/144 buildings to level up your displays and dioramas, and a versatile new tool box for organizing your build space! It sure is a happy holiday for hobbyists – check it all out below!


VF-1J Armored Valkyrie

The “Macross” VF-1J Armored Valkyrie is available as a plastic model kit by Hasegawa! The missile hatches on the chest, shoulders and legs can be recreated in open or closed state by replacing parts. The nose parts of the fuselage are also newly designed and the waist can be slightly rotated. It comes modeled in basic colors and decals are also included.


ZOIDS EZ-054 Liger Zero X

The Liger Zero variant created by the Guylos Empire based on the Republic’s Liger Zero that has both the full Changing Armor System (CAS) and the latest stealth equipment, EZ-054 Liger Zero X, is finally able to join Kotobukiya’s HMM Zoids series!

Gundam Tools

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Cutting Mats

New cutting mats are here with four different designs from Mobile Suit Gundam Seed! The perfect addition to any Seed fan’s building space!


NUKE MATRIX Hinabachi-B.E.E Ruri

Ruri, the third-generation swordsman from the animation “Hinabachi-B.E.E.,” gets a new figure model kit from Doyusha! She’s jointed for full posability after assembly, and she comes with various weapons and a stand to support her in airborne poses.


XZM-FE05 Hundred Edge

Yu-Mo is a new lineup that uses new materials and the concept of a playable plastic model kit! Hundred Edge debuts this series, able to transform from a humanoid form to a beast form without parts replacement! Each of his joints has a wide range of movement for action poses; in addition, he snaps together so glue is not required, and he’s molded in color so you’ll get a result like the cover illustration without painting.

Crusher Joe

Crusher Joe TR-5 Harpy “Nero Machine”

This 1/72 scale kit by Hasegawa will have you building your very own Crusher Joe TR-5 Harpy “Nero Machine”, which comes with a pilot for the cockpit to complete the look. Assembly will be a breeze without need of messy adhesives, and this model can be attached to a base for easy display.


Check out Kotobukiya’s newest MARUTTOYS plastic model kit – the NOSERU in charming white or yellow color schemes! Its round, unique body can expand into an enormous amount of diverse options – and you can combine it with a ton of other Kotobukiya kits with the 3mm joints. It even has 17 points of articulation.



The Choi-Pla JGSDF Type 07 Tank Nacchin now comes with a massive railgun! It’s molded in color, and snaps together so no glue or paint are necessary. Its compact size makes it fun and easy to display, too!

Choi-Pla No.008 JGSDF Type 07 Tank Nacchin + Railgun Cyclamen Pink
Choi-Pla No.008 JGSDF Type 07 Tank Nacchin + Railgun Zenith Blue

Diacolle Combat

New 1/144 Structures

Tomytec’s GeoColle Combat collection brings modelers everywhere a lineup of the “decayed village” — forgotten buildings of a once-prosperous town. These are prepainted structures in 1/144 scale, perfect for creating stunning displays for your HG or RG Gundam kits! The latest additions just out this week include a collapsed building, an old highway, and an abandoned church.

More Tools

Modeling Containers

Versatile storage containers consisting of three tiers, which can be used not only at your work desk at home but also on the go with the ability to carry tons of tools. The first tier of the containers can hold up to four square bottles of paint or glue, and the holder can be raised to use the square bottles as they are built in. The second and third tiers are deeper trays that can hold many tools at once, such as nippers, design knives, and other cutting tools, as well as paint brushes, masking tape, files, and sandpaper. A special divider board is included, so you can freely arrange the storage according to the size of each tool.

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