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New Plamo Arrivals For December 10, 2021

Bandai brings the big guns this week — or at least a lot of guns! We’ve got 2 new Gundam Breaker kits, an RG Evangelion, 2 new SDW Heroes, and AMAIM! On top of all the glorious Bandai mecha, there’s a new stunning kit in town: Aoshima’s Atlanger Omega, a two-for-one with a mecha and a mecha girl! Check out all the details below.

If any kits in this post are backordered when you read this, don’t worry — Bandai is great about restocking periodically. But, you’ll want to get your order in to secure a spot in line for the next restock!


HG Gundam Perfect Strike Freedom

The Gundam Breaker Battlelogue Project, linking Gundam and games, will be launched worldwide this summer! Original mecha from this project are now being released as HG model kits from Bandai, able to be customized just like in the game! As the name implies, the Gundam Perfect Strike Freedom brings together design points from the Perfect Strike and Strike Freedom Gundams. This kit is chock full of accessories for display options, including a lead wire you can use to replicate the claw firing gimmick in the shoulder!

HG Blazing Gundam

Blazing Gundam is customized with the concept of God Gundam’s “brother” machine, and is inspired by “brother” pairs such as Rising Gundam and Shining Gundam. The joints allow for a wide range of movement, and emerald-green foot parts are included for its special foot attack technique! It’s also equipped with a pair of beam tonfas, with clear green parts. This kit can be built with a maskless head if you prefer as well.

SDW HEROES Ryuki Strike Freedom Gundam

SDW HEROES Cleopatra Qubeley Dark Mask Ver.

Cleopatra Qubeley Dark Mask Version from “SD Gundam World Heroes” is now an awesome model kit from Bandai! Its clear purple and golden-colored form is majestic in spite of its compact size; its dark mask is included. You’ll love it — order yours today!

AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline

HG Amaim Ghost

In a new line-up of HG model kits from “Kyoukai Senki” by Bandai comes the HG Amaim Ghost! The jamming unit equipped on its back can be displayed either open or closed and the claws can be articulated on both the hands and feet of the mech.


RG General-purpose Humanoid Decisive Weapon Android Evangelion Regular Practical Type 3 ESV Shield Set

From “Rebuild of Evangelion” comes a set of the RG General-purpose Humanoid Decisive Weapon Android Evangelion Regular Practical Type 3 with an ESV Shield! The ‘spine movement’ and ‘arm twisting’ allow for impressive, human-like articulation. The cover that was used to transport Unit 3 has been sculpted for the first time, as well! The set comes with the ‘ENCHANTED SHIELD OF VIRTUE’ for Unit 0, as well as hand parts for the ESV shield.

RG Evangelion Decal 1

Markings for the RG Evangelion series are now available as water transfer decals! For [RG Universal Human Type Battle Weapon Artificial Human Evangelion First Machine] and [RG Universal Human Type Battle Weapon Artificial Human Evangelion Prototype Zero DX Positron Gun Set]. Special decal set that has also been added such as general-purpose NERV mark.


Gattai Atlanger Omega

The newest in Aoshima’s ‘Gattai’ series is here with the Atlanger Omega decked out in a red emblem motif! They feature the same frame structure as the rest of the series, and the included joint parts allow you to freely exchange and reassemble parts for your own unique combinations. It comes pre-molded in colour and includes decals for fast display right after assembly. New parts for Omega have been added, including bare skin parts for the arms and legs. The ‘Broken Cutter’ and ‘Miracle Defender’ are included as weapons, and Omega comes with pre-painted face parts, expression decals, and replaceable wrist parts.

30 Minutes Missions

30MM Exa Vehicle (Small Mass Production Machine Ver.)

This model kit from Bandai introduces an Exa Vehicle (small mass production version) to the “30MM” (30Minutes Missions” lineup, with the first cockpit parts in the series! This kit includes a C-type runner, which is the same as that found in the Spinatio, to expand the range of customization.

Kamen Rider

Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider OOO Tatoba Combo

Kamen Rider OOO is now available as the 14th installment of Bandai’s Heisei Rider plastic model project, “Heisei Rider Project Beginning”! Kamen Rider OOO is equipped with the biggest feature of the combo-change gimmick; his chest crest, which would be difficult to do in separate colored parts, is reproduced with a tampo-printed part for accuracy. He comes with a full range of accessories such as Traclaws, Medajaribur and Batter Legs! Three Cell Medals that can be attached to the Medajaribur are also included.

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