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User Content (UC) : 1/100 MG Sinanju Ver.Ka Titanium Finish
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The first time I ever saw the promotional pictures of the MG Titanium Sinanju ver.Ka, I knew from the start I HAD to have it.  Bandai’s Titanium finish is absolutely beautiful and since I’ve only recently started painting, I do not have the skills to airbrush chrome with clear red to make it perfectly smooth.  And I did not want to settle for a Candy finish using clear red over silver paint and that’s why I pulled the trigger to purchase it.

Although the Titanium Finish was expensive, it was worth every penny!  There are some nub marks but the majority of them were placed in areas that’s not obvious.  Since I did not want to mess up Bandai’s Titanium red or white, the parts I painted were the inner frame with metallic charcoal, the elbow areas and thrusters with Spazstix chrome, and used Kosutte Gin-san on the black body parts and shield, and handbrushed the gold details.  The decals are Bandai’s official MG Sinanju ver.ka waster slide decals.

I’m now currently working on the MG Unicorn ver.Ka with a Full Armor weapons resin conversion.  I hope to have it completed soon and submit it to as well.

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  1. The Titanium looks pretty impressive!
    I don’t think I’m able to paint it to look like that.


  2. Wow, I already saw a lot of Titanium “customs”, and I thought they were pretty decent…, but man, its no constest, Sinanju Titanium Finish is one of the best looking kits ever, hands down….

  3. WOW!!! Im buying diz kit no questions asks!!!

  4. Nice work! I agree the Titanium finish Sinanju is indeed nicer, but I heard that fixing the nip mark and make the joins invisible is a pain, how did you manage to do it?

  5. can u paint the black parts with chaos black

  6. Padi said on May 2, 2012

    Did you finish it with any type of top coat?

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