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Metamor-Force Eagle Fighter by Sentinel (Part 2: Review)

Available From HobbyLink Japan

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii


Following the unboxing, here is the review for the Metamor-Force Eagle Fighter from the super robot anime Dancouga. This is a beautifully done figure and hints at something far larger down the road.

Like I previously mentioned during the unboxing, normally the Eagle Fighter is included along with the other Cyber Beast Machines and you can then combine them to form Dancouga.

Both the Soul of Chogokin Dancouga and Metamor-Force Dancouga did this, but this Eagle Fighter is different.

It’s a separate release in its own right and it’s also quite large. To give an idea of the size increase I’ve compared it next to the Metamor-Force Dancouga as well as the much smaller Eagle Fighter included with that release.

Like in the anime, this Eagle Fighter toy is also fully transformable and it is very nicely done indeed.











The figure itself is quite straightforward: it comes in mecha mode and you can then transform it into fighter as well as Dancouga’s head. The transformation is handled well and all the necessary parts clip together properly.

You also have a selection of additional hands and the rifle the Eagle Fighter can use in its mecha form.

The sculpt is very stylised and much closer to the version of Dancouga seen in the one shot OVA, God Bless Dancouga. The detailing, due to the larger size, is also done very well.

The larger size is an important point. As you can see above, the Eagle Fighter is not that much smaller than the Metamor-Force Dancouga. And this Eagle Fighter dwarfs the one included with the prior Sentinel release.

If this is anything to go by (and the fact this Eagle Fighter also transforms into Dancouga’s head) then if Sentinel follows up with more Cyber Beast Machines in this scale, the resultant Dancouga would be immense.

Overall, the toy is very nicely done but it lacks any real diecast to speak of. The upside is that it is very light and that, too, gives credence to the theory that this could be the head of a much larger Dancouga toy.

If you’re a fan of Dancouga, then this is a lovely toy which does the Eagle Fighter justice. However, if Sentinel does indeed have bigger plans for this Eagle Fighter then I advise you purchase this figure now, as I have a feeling it could increase in price if Sentinel reveals their hand farther down the line.

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