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Kaiyodo’s Revo X – Wing!

Star Wars- Revo X-Wing by Kaiyodo-11

The fine folks at Kaiyodo sent us a sample of the upcoming Star Wars X Wing fighter and did it ever get us excited. A very detailed X-Wing starfighter complete with Luke Skywalker — at least I assume that’s Luke — and R2-D2. Both can be placed into the X-Wing or taken out if you prefer thanks to a tilting back panel that allows R2 into his home and a removeable canopy so Luke can take his seat. It also comes with landing gears that fit onto the bottom of the fighter if you remove a few panels down there. And, of course, the wings open and close! This is the first ship from Star Wars from Kaiyodo (up until now they’ve released characters) and if this is anything to get by the future releases are going to be a lot of fun.

The X-Wing from Kaiyodo comes August 2015! That’s this month!

Order here!

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