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Fine Molds 1/48th Star Wars Snowspeeder Project Part 1

Fine Molds 1:48th scale Star Wars Snowspeeder

Let’s make the model look like the set piece!

Recently I decided to tackle the absolutely gorgeous Fine Molds 1:48th scale Star Wars Snowspeeder, from The Empire Strikes Back. Being in a somewhat unique position having previously worked for Master Replicas on their Studio Scale vehicles, I have had the opportunity to study the real filming props, as well as create the Paint Masters for the products that the company released. To add a twist to the Luke Skywalker Snowspeeder livery that I had previously tackled in 3/4th Studio Scale, I decided to replicate the 1:1 set piece that was filmed in Norway, back in 1979. This affords an excellent opportunity to add snow and “battle damage”!

Studio Scale prop

Studio Scale Prop

1:1 set piece

The first thing to do when attempting a project like this is to gather as much reference as you possibly can before you begin, as it will help with your “plan of attack” when building the model. Right away, I see that I will need to bend the forward guns, and “crumple” the front of the body!

The kit is flying together like a dream – look for an update very soon!

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  1. I like the bird.

  2. Excellent start and reference collecting Jason, always a big fan of your modelling work!!


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