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Hi-Metal R Techroid Blader Review

Hi-Metal R Techroid Blader – Available From HobbyLink Japan

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii

Following the unboxing here is the review for the new Hi-Metal R Techroid Blader from the somewhat unknown anime movie Techno Police 21C. Despite the obscurity of the anime, Bandai has done an amazing job here and this is probably one of the best-articulated figures I have ever played with.

It goes without saying that this is arguably one of the very few toy renditions of the Techroid Blader but Bandai hasn’t done a rush job here. There is a palpable love for the host material and this is easily one of the best Hi-Metal R toys to date.

This is the standard set, minus the Blu-ray of the movie, but you still don’t get much else here bar the main figure itself, a few hands and a very large sniper rifle. You also get two additional antennae but this is a very streamlined release in terms of accessories.

The main figure though, where to begin…

The emphasis here has clearly been on getting the sculpt right and ensuring that the articulation is unbelievably thorough. The diecast used is almost entirely reserved for the internal joints and this results in a very sturdy and well-built figure.

The results of this articulation mean you can enact a huge array of poses that make the figure look wonderfully dynamic.

The detailing is also nicely done and sparse as per the original design and captures its unique aesthetic.

So even if you are not a fan of Techno Police 21C or Kazutaka Miyatake’s design of the Techroid Blader, this is a fantastically well made and carefully engineered figure and easily one of the best Hi-Metal R toys thus far released.

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