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Robot Damashii Ingram 1 & 2 Parts Set by Bandai (Part 2: Review)

Available From HobbyLink Japan

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii

Following the unboxing, here is the review for the Ingram 1 & 2 Parts Set from Patlabor: The Movie. It’s a very comprehensive package and worth getting for all the accessories on offer.

This is very much intended for fans of Patlabor: The Movie, who want to re-enact certain famous scenes. So it is a little bit different from other regular releases. Anyway on with the review.

The set comes with one Ingram figure that is a bit different from the standard version, as the chest has the emergency lights open. The coloring is also a bit different and obviously closer to the movie version.

Bar that, the base figure is very similar to the original released Ingram. So the articulation is as good and affords a wide array of poses. The detailing is simpler but you also get mini-decals that can affix to the figure.

The sculpt is also spot on to the Yutaka Izubuchi design and considering how small the figure is, it is very nicely done.

The real fun here is all the damaged parts and the ability to switch out the Ingram Unit 1 parts for Unit 2. These allow you to recreate some of the later scenes from the movie and it’s a great little set.

The reality though is that you actually need to buy two of these sets and the Type Zero to have everything you need but considering the very reasonable prices of everything concerned, that’s a pretty good deal.

Overall, this set is as good as both the previous Ingram and Type Zero releases in the Robot Damashii line. If you are a fan of this movie as well as Patlabor in general, then this set is amazingly done.

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