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Diorama: RX78-5 Madrock “Forgotten War”


Submitted By: EmOnEm

This was my first time to weather a kit to this extent. I used a rotary tool, enamel wash and sponge technique.
The flag is just a piece of paper weathered using a candle and mosquito coil.

Hope you guys enjoy my simple dio…

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  1. Awesome! The weathering is really nice, as is the use of the rotary tool for the damage. And the use of the sprue for gun support is nicely done. The banner with the burn holes in it is a really cool touch! How did you make it? Also, your lighting on the first three pics is superb, almost like it’s dawn or dusk. Very sweet build. My one and only issue is the RX-78-5 is not the Mudrock (Madrock), the RX-78-6 is the Madrock and it has twin cannons on it’s backpack. I’m a huge fan of the Mudrock ever since using it in Zeonic Front for PS2 and it is my all time favorite Gundam; the only reason I’m nit-picking.

  2. dude this is nasty! great job

  3. Thats wicked

  4. thanks for your nice comments…
    @joe sorry if i didn’t get the spec and name right..i thought it was madrock..

    thanks again for yor nice comments…

  5. Amazing work mate, I really really like this!

    The flag is very very well done. Blows me away ^^!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. thanks kamm… was lucky to capture a nice lighting condition during the shoot..


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