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Hatsune Miku GT Project: Racing Miku 2017 Ver. by Good Smile Company (Review)

Hatsune Miku GT Project: Racing Miku 2017 Ver. by Good Smile Company – Available from HobbyLink Japan

Today, let’s have a look at Good Smile Company’s ultra cute Racing Miku!

This time around, she comes in an amazing 1/1 scale, by virtue of being a fairy.

The figure has a lot of transparent and translucent parts, which work beautifully together to create that feel.

Her hair thankfully isn’t too hard to put on, and once you find the right angle for it, it slides right in pretty smoothly. It isn’t too difficult to attach her to the transparent stand either.The wings are a little trickier to slot in, but at the very least, I never felt I was going to break the figure by trying, so it was not long until I finally got all pieces together.And all I can say is that she’s really, really cute.


What caught my attention with this figure is how simple the design is, yet there’s a dynamic feel to it overall. I think it’s due to how Miku’s hair flows, as well as the translucent details around her costume, like her skirt frills. The details around Miku’s torso are also a nice touch. Seeing the outline of her ribcage and navel sculpted with such detail adds to the simple elegance of this figure. She’s also one of those figures that looks stunning from any angle.

Speaking of angles, there’s always some neat detail to look at–the flowers in her hair, the creases in her clothing, the sweet expression that fits her well. None of the sculpt feels lazy, to say the least of it.

This figure is something I’m happy to have in view, with Miku’s smile bright enough to fill a room. She’s definitely worth having on a shelf or a workstation, and I highly recommend getting her while she’s still in stock!

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