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Gunpla TV – chitocerium VI-carbonia lonsdaleite

Today, Dave takes a look at the third plastic model from the Masaki Apsy x huke x Good Smile Company plastic model series “chitocerium”. It’s the VI-carbonia lonsdaleite!

She features a specially-designed model that possesses even more articulation than ever seen before in this line. The “fragment” and armament parts settle perfectly within the included hexagonal pedestal box for storage. Particularly impressive are all the equipment she comes with and customization possibilities!

In this episode:
chitocerium VI-carbonia lonsdaleite

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  1. This gives me Code Vein vibes.

  2. What a cute little drummer girl! Love the flexibility and the range in general, need to pick up a couple for my collection!

  3. Stuffing her in a box like that, in the curled up crying position… Got weird vibes there… Sorry.

  4. the faces are the best
    hope figure rise does the same

  5. good amount of faces

  6. I’m blue, da ba dee…


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