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Gunpla TV – Kotobukiya’s Metal Gear REX

Kotobukiya’s awe-inspiring model kit of Metal Gear REX is back! …At least, it was. This kit was released a few months ago, but due to the virus-that-shall-not-be-named, the review had to be put off for a little while.

Not to worry — even if this wonderful kit may not be available at the moment, this release shows it’s not gone forever and likely to be reissued again. In any case watch to get a closer look at Kotobukiya’s wonderful 1/100 scale Metal Gear REX ! 

In this episode:
1/100 Metal Gear REX (Reissue)

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  1. I love the mecha designs of the MGS series, so this would be a really nice display piece for me! Such a large and hefty looking kit too, really imposing too as he towers over good ol’ RX-78!

  2. Wait…
    Camouflage? How does something so massive expect to hide with just camouflage? I guess if it was Aquatic, it could sorta maybe kinda work at distance… But its clearly a land vehicle… So, where is this behemoth going to be able to hide…?

  3. wonder if their gonna make blade wolf

  4. now we wait for ray

  5. Might try to get one and paint it.

  6. Such good memories. When I and my brother saw this thing in movement while playing the game we couldn’t believe how awesome it was.


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