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1/100 FFR-41MR Mave Yukikaze by Alter (Part 2: Review)

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii

1/100 FFR-41MR Mave Yukikaze by Alter (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)


Following on from the unboxing, here is the full review for Alter’s Mave Yukikaze from the Gonzo animated Sentou Yousei Yukikaze series that was released back in 2002. This toy is also a re-release by Alter from 2008.

While this is technically a toy it’s much better to think of it as a high end pre-made model primarily meant for display. This is not to say that it cannot be played with but the finesse of the sculpt is quite delicate.

I am generally careful with all my toys but this Mave toy requires more careful attention. Because the wings and canards are quite thin, too much pressure could potentially break them (though I obviously had no trouble).

The toy also lacks any real diecast to speak of, much like the Super Sylph before it. This produces a very light aircraft with fine detailing but at the cost of being more fragile.

In short, just make sure to take care when handling it.

All that aside, this Mave toy blows the Super Sylph out of the water in pretty much every way.






















The Mave has more gimmicks than the Super Sylph. The cockpit not only opens but also “slides” back into the plane’s frame. This is handled via a separate piece that has to be switched out. The pilots are also separate, albeit very small figures, too.

In addition to this the wings articulated and can fold accordingly, as in the anime.

In terms of hard points for missiles and other weapons, the fighter is covered with them. The compliment of available weapons is also pretty huge and features all sorts, from a daisy cutter to multi-missile pods and beam cannons.

The landing gear is also handled separately again, with the relevant areas of the craft having to be removed (with a tool provided) before the gear can be attached.

The Mave also comes with a very solid stand that attaches at the rear via a special add on that has to be swapped out.

The ram jet intakes and nozzles can also be swapped out, too.

Of the two Alter fighters from Yukikaze, this is the one I really wanted and with good reason. It looks utterly alien and cutting edge, which makes sense as it is fighting a bizarre alien threat.

Having it recreated at this level of detail is something very special indeed. The price is slightly higher than the Super Sylph and even with the lack of diecast I can still happily recommend the Mave. It’s gloriously done and a spot-on recreation of the fighter. Get it now before it disappears again!

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  1. I have acquired two of these, and I am impressed, despite the cost. The ony problem I have and it is just a personal on, is that the instructions are all in Japanese, which I can not read. So I wish I could get a set of instructions in English so I know what I am doing. This is a superb model, and I know much better done than I could hope to do with the plastic kits that are far from cheap.


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