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Gunpla TV Exclusive – Part 5 – PG Unicorn Gundam Arm Assembly

The PG Unicorn series continues with some nicely-articulated arms, bringing the kit one step closer to completion.

Catch up on the previous videos in this exclusive series:

Gunpla TV Exclusive – Part 1 – PG Unicorn Gundam Unboxing
Gunpla TV Exclusive – Part 2 – PG Unicorn Gundam Torso Assembly
Gunpla TV Exclusive – Part 3 – PG Unicorn Gundam Leg Assembly
Gunpla TV Exclusive – Part 4 – PG Unicorn Gundam Leg and Skirt Assembly

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Level 75 Marketing Mage. Editor, admin, and occasional code monkey. Stand User in her free time. Though she does build kits when time allows, time doesn't allow often. Her favorite lines are Hasegawa's Mechatro WeGo line, Meng's World War Toons Pinky line, and weird miscellany like Platz's bonsai tree kits. In general, if it's a detailed miniature that's too small to be useful for anything other than taking up space, she'll probably love it.


  1. Really enjoying these videos. And not just to see Syd cut undergates, lol. It’s good to see the few little things to look out for when building. I prefer unicorn mode, but man I can’t wait to see this thing open up. I’m kinda glad you’re not building this with the LEDs. Leaves a little something extra as I see it start to light up in person.
    Thanks again!

  2. Tad disappointed there are no LED’s in the shoulders, but hey, I’m being spoiled here.
    Great articulation in the arm!
    And I’ve seen some pictures of the contend of the LED box. There is a parts separater in the box for putting in the LED’s afterward

  3. the only thing i can say about this pg unicorn is that its looking like the best pg kit ever made and thanks these early anticipated reviews (thanks hobbylink tv!!) i am definitely saving up the money to add this to my collection!! thanks guys and keep up with the good work and really enjoying these videos!!
    gunpla tv is best!! 😀
    take care guys and thanks for everything again!!

  4. Watching these build vids is feeding my gunpla crave. By the time this kit is finished, I might want to get one XD


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