Nov 27

We’re continuing construction of the PG Unicorn in Part 3 with one of the most complex sections of the kit: the legs.

Catch up on the previous parts, in case you missed them!:



  1. Nice legs :p!! Looks badass !!

  2. Finally an Unicorn leg which can bend all the way!
    I’ve never heard my nickname that often in one hour. “Now we need part Tee… Tee 19.” LOL.
    Again, thanks for sharing

  3. You should mark under the letters and numbers. It’s a PG after all and it takes just a second to mark each designation 😀 I do that for lots of clears to make life easier (i’m impatient at times)

  4. woooow!! this kit will be awsome when completed and legs are already looking so cool even in unicorn mode!! cant wait to see the completed kit and again thanks Syd for sharing this unreleased kit with all of us!!
    gunpla tv……. its the BEST!!!

  5. Man, that knee joint and the psycoframe part moving looks pretty awesome. Looking forward to seeing the rest. (just need some audio of Ryan in background saying “that’s what she said” at every chance).
    Thanks again for producing these videos and all the Gunpla TV episodes and specials. You guys rock!

  6. Building PGs really looks fun 😀 Keep churning these videos guys! HLJ バンザイ!

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