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Boss Builds – Episode 1 – Meet Brian

In this instalment of Boss Builds, HLJ site manager Brian Keaney builds the new 1/72 scale Fujimi kit of the new JGSDF Type 10 Main Battle Tank. Brian covers the history of Japanese postwar tank development, introduces some other JGSDF tank kits available at HLJ, and takes a look inside the box of the new Fujimi Type 10 kit.

In this episode:
1/72 JGSDF Type 10 Main Battle Tank
1/35 M4A3E8 Easy Eight JGSDF
1/72 JGSDF Type 61 Main Battle Tank w/Unit Decal
1/76 JGSDF Type 61 Tank
1/72 JGSDF Type 74 Main Battle Tank w/Unit Decal
1/76 JGSDF Type 90 Tank
1/35 JGSDF Type 90 Tank w/Ammo Loading Set
JGSDF Type 10 Main Battle Tank Prototype Magazine
More military vehicles


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  1. That was really informative, nice to see some insight into armored kits.

  2. I am VERY excited about this series of videos! Also, it was great to get information on the REAL tanks, the bit of history starting out was fun. Brian, you seem very cool headed and like a laid back modeler. I like your style of explaining things too. I just recently got an airbrush and I’ve been afraid to use it, so I’m hoping for some tips and tricks to start out with.

  3. You said you want to replace the antenna. A trick if you want to try it is to take a piece of scrap sprue (or runner) carefully heat it over a candle and pull gently. As it heats it stretches apart and melts the plastic to a very thin stretch of round plastic you can trim to whatever length you want.

    • Yup, stretched sprue is a good option, too. And a time-honored modeling tradition! I demonstrate a bit of sprue stretching in episode 3.

  4. Brian-san, I’ve got the same kit JGSDF Type 10 last week.
    I’m exited to see your building process with the kit!!

  5. The JGSDF Type 10 Main Battle Tank is incredible.

  6. I thought this episode was fantastic, and it seems YouTube commenters feel the same. Really enjoyed the brief history of the JGSDF tanks, and it’s great to be seeing something more akin to “true” modelling than Gunpla.

    Really looking forward to the next episode, and very excited about seeing the airbrushing (If it’s even possible to film that).


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