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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 319 – LBCS: Achilles Mikaduki Karina

From the Soukou Musume RPG game series, Kotobukiya releases the first full action figure model kit, the LBCS: Achilles Mikaduki Karina! We take a close-up look at this exciting new kit as well as a quick peek at all the other new kits that have come in recently!

In this episode:
LBCS: Achilles Mikaduki Karina
chitocerium LXXVIII-platinum
1/144 HGCE Destiny Gundam
RE/100 Vigna Ghina II
SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Gundam Ground Type
SD Gundam Cross Silhouette: Silhouette Booster (White)
Figure-rise Effect Burst Effect (Space Pink)

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Level 75 Marketing Mage. Editor, admin, and occasional code monkey. Stand User in her free time. Though she does build kits when time allows, time doesn't allow often. Her favorite lines are Hasegawa's Mechatro WeGo line, Meng's World War Toons Pinky line, and weird miscellany like Platz's bonsai tree kits. In general, if it's a detailed miniature that's too small to be useful for anything other than taking up space, she'll probably love it.


  1. Looking forward to see that Destiny all snapped up!

  2. All this talk about the Crossbone just reminds me of how The MG Ver Ka was my first custom paint job. I really need to make some cuts in the cloak to make it look cool.

  3. I forgot to comment last week.


  5. Great!~ Thank you ^^

  6. Are you going to build the GM with the booster parts?

  7. The HGCE ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam (Revive Ver) is exciting for fans.
    I was surprised to hear that the effect parts were being included in the kit and not part of a Premium Bandai add on set or a separate “DX Ver”.

    Perhaps this gives us hope that eventually an MG ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam (Ver 2.0) will come out and will include the effect parts?
    But knowing Bandai, they’re still probably going to make the effect parts either a Premium Bandai add on set or a special edition of the kit; kind of like the MG ZGMF-X13A Providence Gundam (G.U.N.D.A.M. Premium Edition) how that version came with the special display stand, effect parts, and that water slide decal for the other MG Seed Remaster series kits.

    I think a lot of people were surprised to hear the RE 1/100 XM-07B Vigna-Ghina II was released as a retail release and not a Premium Bandai.
    It’s basically just a color variant of the RE 1/100 XM-07 Vigna-Ghina, which is pretty much a clear indication there’s a very very high chance that it would be released through Premium Bandai.
    I suppose fans of this mobile suit got lucky this time with this one.

    The SDCS RX-79[G] Gundam Ground Type is great, but I’m waiting for the SDCS 00 series.

    The SDCS Silhouette Booster [White] is just an add on set to use in conjunction with the SDCS Cross Silhouette Frame [White]. These are basically the GunPla equivalent of DLC we get with videogames these days but these are an add on set for an add on set.

    Also, Todd… You are absolutely right here.
    I think Bandai Spirits is most likely going to release a majority of the variations as an RG through their Premium Bandai program.
    Given the history of releases thus far with related variations…

    ⭐Master Grade⭐
    XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X1 “Ver.Ka”
    XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth

    ⭐Master Grade (Premium Bandai)⭐
    XM-X0 Crossbone Gundam X0 “Ver.Ka”
    XM-X2 Crossbone Gundam X2 “Ver.Ka”
    XM-X3 Crossbone Gundam X3 “Ver.Ka”

    XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X-1

    ⭐HGUC (Premium Bandai)⭐
    XM-X0 Crossbone Gundam X-0
    XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X1 Kai
    XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X1 Custom II
    XM-X2 Crossbone Gundam X2
    XM-X2ex Crossbone Gundam X2 Kai
    XM-X3 Crossbone Gundam X3

    ⭐HG (Related)⭐
    XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth Type.GBFT
    XM-X9999 Crossbone Gundam Maoh

    I might have missed some related variations, but I presume my point is made?

    I think it’s safe to presume that Bandai Spirits full intends on making a majority/all of the variations as a Premium Bandai; be it a full kit or an Expansion Unit. This would include:
    XM-X0 Crossbone Gundam X-0
    XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Armor
    XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X-1 Kai
    XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X-1 “Patchwork”
    XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X-1 Kai Kai “Skull Heart”
    XM-X2 Crossbone Gundam X-2
    XM-X2ex Crossbone Gundam X-2 Kai
    XM-X3 Crossbone Gundam X-3

    On a related note, I wouldn’t mind getting an RG for the XM-X9999 Crossbone Gundam Maoh. I actually am surprised Bandai has not done more with the RG ‘Build’ series; especially given that many of the variations have existing RG kits that Bandai Spirits could use.

  8. It’s good to see Danball Senki alive in some form, but wow, I did not expect the change to Kotobukiya and much less to the mecha musume genre.
    Still glad to see em around

  9. I’m curious about the moderoid Ariel, promo pics look nice, hope the kit ends up being nice

  10. count me in
    how light is that sword

  11. Really interested in those effect parts, looking forward to them

  12. Love the figure-rise burst effect… Gotta have this one…. Jajaja Nice episode, Glad to see you back every week 🙂

  13. I thought Todd would pull out a HG Gundam to compare the size of the RG crossbones like how Zaku does but he pulled out a tape measure to get the exact length!! Thanks for that Todd!

  14. Ooh…. really cool looking kit! Shame that glue’s required for certain bits, but otherwise would love to get one!!

  15. so even LBX have girls model now …. waiting for my girl optimus prime …. oh for a friend obviously….

  16. I began to catch myself thinking that in the new videos, we see a lot of boxes and just one model …

  17. New CS Frame 8th MS Team kit 🙂 Looking forward to it.

  18. One color hair still looks better.
    Also I’m waiting Drangondress Sofia to review when she will appear. Obviously only DX version.

  19. [Buzz puts hand on Woody’s shoulder]
    Mecha musume. Mecha musume everywhere.

  20. i always love lbx design, now with a girl added to it BAM sign me up

  21. You need to clean up the nub marks for future reviews. The non-reworked GodHand nub-marks look horrible on your photos. Maybe use the 3.peaks MK-02 instead of the GodHand. Also clean them with the Tajima Dora Razar Black 30° spare blades and use the “Master of files” files for the finishing. They can be highly recommended (beside 3M sponges or Micro-Mesh) as they are much better than the Infini Model files/sponges.

  22. I wonder which will be the next RG kit

  23. Lances are underrated as fantasy weapons. I’m always happy to see a character with a main weapon that’s not a generic sword.

  24. The lance and the shield look really cool.

  25. I can’t wait to get my own RG Crossbone

  26. Looking forward to HG destiny gundam review next.

  27. She’s wielding the coolest lance that I’ve ever seen on a kit.

  28. Godzilla: king of Monsters was great hope you go see it Todd. I’m just waiting for RG Nu Gundam to be release in August 2019.

  29. Looking forward to the next episode. Hope you guys are able to finish the next kits!

  30. Any idea what the big Christmas release is going to be this year?

  31. Looking forward to the HG Destiny review, and the Vigna Ghina II looks way cooler than the original imo.

  32. Looking forward to the Destiny.

  33. Another awesome review of SD gundam.

  34. It’s cool that there’s such a wide variety of figures nowadays. This style is different.
    Also, cool lance!

  35. really cool looking RG kit!

  36. LBCS achilles.. you guys notice it? it is based on anime LBX which also has their own kit.
    LBCS will be a new mobile phone game where they convert all of LBX robot into girls. I think they are following frame arms girl

  37. Looks like a fun figure to build

  38. Now I am curious as to who has the longest lance? I think Bullet Girls Launcher & Lancer may have it at 30+ cm’s

  39. great show guys! cant w8 2 see the Destiny Gundam reviewed


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