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Pokemon Plamo Mega Charizard X Unboxing

Pokemon Plamo Mega Charizard X

I’m gonna be honest with you. I don’t know what a Mega Charizard is, but I really like the color scheme this guy has going.

Mega Charizard got its own plamo kit in 2014. I’ve build a few other Charizard kits before — the Charizard evolution set and the set with Ho-oh and Pikachu — but Mega Charizard has some different molding that I’m really looking forward to. On top of that, I’m going to try something new for this build, but we’ll get to that in a moment. First:

The Box

Pokemon Plamo Mega Charizard X

Pardon all the shade my camera is throwing. (And the pink wig hair that’s all over my floor…)

We get a nice preview of the gimmicks here, first: the tail can move up and down, the neck can turn, and the arms and legs can swivel. That’s all pretty standard fare. We do lose one point of articulation compared to the other Charizard kits: the jaw. This is a downside of that cool smoke coming out of the sides of his mouth; you can’t have that and articulation, it seems.

Pokemon Plamo Mega Charizard X

Here are some of the poses we’ll be able to create after we’re finished. Bandai points out that the clear stand is molded so that Charizard can rest in it, belly-down, to create flying poses.

Pokemon Plamo Mega Charizard X

Here’s a shot of the runners and stickers.

The Runners

A: Light blue, dark grey, white, and clear blue. The clear blue parts are soft, as usual with these kits.

B: Dark grey.

C: Clear parts for the display stand.

And finally, the full-color manual and stickers.

Which we’re going to throw out. The stickers, I mean! Because…


Gundam SEED Destiny Marker Set 6pcs #1

Say hello to painted Pokemon plamo. I’m sure we’re all frankly tired of the stickers, so I decided to give Gundam Markers a go. They’re relatively cheap and I’m not skilled with brush painting (don’t even talk to me about airbrushes), so these were the natural way to go for me.

I picked the Seed Destiny set because it had the most colors I wanted, and added a black marker, too. Because I thought the dark grey runners were black. Spoiler alert: they’re grey, and it makes a difference… but maybe it’ll go alright?

Pokemon Plamo Mega Charizard X

This is my paint plan. I’ll give painting a shot while the pieces are still on the runners and see how that goes for me. Wish me luck!

Stick around to see how I manage to do without stickers for once, and in the meantime, pick up your own Mega Charizard here:
Pokemon Plamo Mega Charizard X

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