Sep 25

Heads up! The sizzling hot new MG Ver. Ka ZZ is in! Todd is back with a head turning look at what he has built so far on the gigantic Zoid Gojulas the Ogre! If this has you scratching your head as to why he hasn’t finished the kit yet then worry not! Todd has a surprise review of a subject that may just float your boat!

Items featured in this episode:
1/100 MG ZZ Gundam Ver.Ka w/Premium Decal
1/72 Gojulas The Ogre (Reissue)
HMM Highend Master Model EZ-036 Death Stinger (Reissue)
1/700 US Navy Battleship Montana BB-67




  1. Looking at zoids kits makes me miss the old windup ones. They were loads of fun

  2. Speaking of MG’s, it would be nice to have more Master Grade kits from Gundam the Origin

  3. Nice boat, well done.

  4. Hi there nice reviews and I like the look of the war ship but I dont know if I can build that detailed kit.

    About Gunpla kits, I hope in the near future Bandai would make a Kshatriya in 1/100 MG scale. I wonder how big that kit be.

    Thank you and more power.

  5. Wow… it should take a lot of time to build-up this Gojulas

  6. PUMPERNICKEL!!!!!! I would really like that Zaku.

  7. I definitely would like to see the Devil Gundam return as a gunpla, in any grade and preferably 1/100 scale.

  8. Cannot wait to see more on the ZZ ver kai! It would be nice to build the Char Origin Zaku I

  9. that PG Exia announcement tho

  10. Impressive gojulas head

  11. Gojulas looks great, unfortunately I can’t take advantage of the premium decal special going on with the ver ka kits right now. Do new ver ka kits usually release with this as a bonus?

  12. That Zaku 1 would look perfect next to my Char Zaku 2 😀

  13. ZAKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I think the vote is about Gundam Barbatos Lupus not Lupus Rex and the hi-res kit was the original Barbatos and the 6th form from p-bandai. So it would be cool to get the lupus in MG. My vote would be the god gundam, so we would get a more up to date version. If not hopefully they will do a 2.0.

  15. Gojulas the ogre will be very big 😮

  16. cant wait to see whats up in tokyo hobby show >.<

  17. Wow the gojulas head is as big as some hg already. I agree on klotos moulding being very sharp. Panellining zoids turns into quite a chore due to all the detail too. Need to learn to do washes.

  18. Gimme!

  19. Mg ZZ, next on my buylist!

  20. Hey guys, do you guys think some of the kits especially master grades have any competition with any third party manufacturers? Also, how do licensing work there?

    Gimme dat zaku boi

  21. great show would love to win the char’s zaku

  22. ‘Gundam 00′ could use some MG ver Ka releases. Particularly the secondary and tertiary suits. I also wonder if we’ll ever see a kit of the ELS Qan[t]. And Final Mission versions of the Meisters’ gundams.

    I don’t have a Zaku (yet).

  23. I saw MG ZZ and I was like “Oh yeah finally!” And then it I saw it wasn’t built :(.

  24. I’m more into transformable HGs, and it’s about time the ZZ needs an upgrade.

  25. Really looking forward to your coverage on the japan all model hobby show. I know this is gunplay show but it’s nice that every once in awhile you show something else other than gundams. considering that HLJ sells more than just Gundam related kits, showing off other types of new or upcoming kits such as Macross or Kotobukiya would be nice.

  26. yay! it will be my first zaku.. may you always build gunplaTV!

  27. Good episode as always, the Montana looks good! I haven’t done many real world scale models just because they tend to be more time consuming but that is tempting…

  28. CHAAARR!!!

  29. I saw the new ZZ Gundam ver.ka. I’m a little bit disappointed because this time Katoki didin’t change the design too much. It’s strange. Some ver.ka kits are heavily changed…some are almost like the original one, just a few panel lines and little details.
    So I was expecting a totally transformed ZZ and instead it is almost the same of my old ZZ Mg I’m building in these days.

  30. You know you’re not fond a certain design when even a ver. Ka doesn’t make you want to buy it. Oh well, at least those who like it will get a bad a** new kit.

  31. The ZZ Ver. Ka seems like an awesome kit. Very poseable for it’s bulky stature, and on an action base it seems like it can really pose. I also love the silver coating parts, adds an extra layer to the kit that is very appreciated. Overall, I love the way this kit looks, and it seems like an excellent addition to the Ver. Ka line.

    Gojulas The Ogre is really just an insanely big kit with a bunch of guns and giant size, I love it and want it for those facts alone.

  32. OMG the head is huge…. can’t wait to see the whole Gojulas… Keep it up guys. The show is getting bigger and bigger…. Peace

  33. cant wait to see the completed zoids kit!

  34. Great to see some military stuff sometimes! Thanks a lot.

  35. I remember Syd once saying (many many episodes ago) that Bandai would most probably release PGs and Mega Sizes once the yen goes down. Turns out….. he was right. Now we have PG and MS Unicorn, and now a PG Exia coming. Luckily no one placed any bets, because they would have owed Syd some money.

  36. That zoid is big… how would you ever display that?

  37. Gahh, the cat fur and painting. I have a long haired tabby and holy crap he sheds his light yellow/white fur everywhere! It is difficult to paint, hell even snap building because the fur gets in the kit.

  38. Origin Zaku 1 is a kit I’d like to own. Totally impressed with Todd’s work on the Montana…and Lindsay’s insightful comments. Another great show. Thanks, guys!

  39. Haha, finally I won.
    Sadly,a kit I already have, but hey… it is for free!!

  40. Great show guys love zoids

  41. Already requested Zz ver ka for Christmas!

  42. ZZ! “I’ll show you how we do things in Shangri-La”
    Judau was an awesome Gundam pilot

  43. Great show!

  44. Cant wait for the hobby show!

  45. i am planning on getting the ZZ ver.ka, it looks like a interesting kit. i personaly would like to see a god gundam ver.ka but a G self would be nice to. also, give me my zaku.

  46. Nice work Todd on the Montana! I really like seeing a variety of non-Gundam subjects which I know little about.

  47. Fantastic boat

  48. Looking forward to that ZZ 😛

  49. Looking forward to watch your Model&Hobby Show reports! 😀

  50. Hey Todd, since you’re going to be busy building that gargantuan Goujulas, just let Lindsey build the ZZ.

  51. Awesome episode, both of you are improving week after week, hope you keep showing kits from other brands to mix things up.
    Great Job!

  52. Instead of skipping a week with the regular episodes, why don’t you make a “Lindsay-running-wild”-episode, which she presents to her likings? Maybe she could also incorporate her cat’s hair by building a RB-79FLFY Fluffy Ball or a Ver Ka FUR-ZZ Gundam.

  53. Why there is no ver. ka Zeta!!! It doesn’t make sense.

  54. Great to see you reviewing other kits asides from gunpla ^_^ I was very tempted to buy the ZZ ver Ka but I think I will wait in the hopes that Bandai will release an update for the Full Armor ZZ. Looking forward to your coverage of the hobby show, always great to see what new plamo we can expect to see soon.

  55. You have some great skillz son.

    Can’t wait for the show reports, they’re always fun.

  56. Hope to win the Zaku 😮

  57. This episode is amazing, thanks for the review guys

  58. Awesome episode and looking forward to that MG ZZ

  59. Thought you would say more about zz, before mine arrives.

  60. Is there a Berserk Guts kit / figure that’s not the Prime 1 studio announced?

  61. Wasn’t expecting to see a model ship but very happy to see some diversity in the kits featured on the show.

  62. Double your pleasure, double your fun, it’s the right one, Double Zeta Gum(dam)!

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