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30 Minutes Sisters Details Revealed

UUPDATE April 21, 2021: The first kits in this line are now up for preorder! Find them here!

This morning at about 10am JST, Bandai updated its 30 Minutes Sisters teaser site to include a bunch of information about the new line!

30 Minutes Sisters is designed to be a highly-customizable mecha girls model kit line — that’s also affordable. After buying a base character kit, you can pick and choose from a variety of separately-sold optional accessories to add only the details you want!

Let’s take a look at everything they’ve announced so far.

In this article:

  1. The First Kit: Ricetta
  2. Body Parts
  3. Hair Style Parts
  4. Face Parts
  5. Option Parts
  6. Build Your Own Before You Buy
  7. What’s Next?

The First Kit: Ricetta

The very first (and so far, only) Sister we’ve been introduced to is the 30MS SIS-G00 Ricetta* (Color A).
* It’s important to note that her name has only been officially released in Japanese, but this appears to be the way one would romanize it. Basically: the English name here is not official but is our best guess with the currently available information.

Those of you out there who wondered if, because of 30MM’s own price point, 30MS would be a more affordable options for fans of Megami Device or Frame Arms Girl. Well, you’ll be pleased to know this first kit has an MSRP of 2,530 JPY (apprx. $24 USD). She’s set for release in July.

Preorder her here!

Body Parts

If you like a sexier look to your plamo girls, Bandai has you covered. A separately-sold body option for your 30MS kits. No need for further explanation; just take a look at the gallery below!

The body set will be available in July and has an MSRP of just 880 JPY (about $7 USD).

Preorder here!

Hair Style Parts

In addition to Ricetta, we’re getting optional hair parts sold separately so you can change the color and style of your Sister if you so please.

Each hair set is coming this July with an MSRP of 660 JPY (about $5 USD). Preorder here!

Twin Tail 1 (Pink 1): A pair of long ponytails that appear to be articulated at the base.

Twin Tail 2 (Yellow 1): A pair of short ponytails that appear to be articulated at the base.

Short Hair 1 (Red 1): A short hairstyle with long sides in a dark red color.

Short Hair 2 (Navy 1): A short, bushy hair cut in almost-black navy blue.

Face Parts

But wait, there’s more. Bandai has announced four face parts sets that will be sold separately. Each of the sets include three expressions, notably with different eye colors. 30MM is a highly customizable line, after all, and so it seems that 30MS will follow suit.

Given that the eyebrow color matches Ricetta’s base hair color, we can only assume that these plates are meant for use with this kit, and that we can expect more faceplates made for future kits, in the future as well. (But, we assume you’ll be able to mix and match face plates with future kits, too.)

And most importantly, these sets tell us something special: we appear to be looking at pre-painted face parts from Bandai.

All four sets will have an MSRP of 1,078 JPY (a little less than $10 USD each), and will be available this July. Preorder here!

Option Parts

Finally, we have optional armor parts. By now, you’ll probably see that the base kit from 30MS is definitely an affordable alternative to bigger, more elaborate lines — it’s also a very simple kit with not a lot of flair. You add your own style by picking separately-sold accessory parts. Luckily, they’re pretty cheap, like this armor set!

This first option parts set has claw-like hand and foot parts and a cat-ear headband so you can make Ricetta look lion or tiger-like!

It will also be out in July, with an MSRP of 660 JPY (about $5 USD). Preorder here!

Build Your Own Before You Buy

With all these announcements, there’s a lot going on and you may be overwhelmed with options. Fortunately, Bandai is providing an online “Custom Simulator”, where you can try out combinations of the available parts to see what you should pick up to create your perfect 30 Minutes Sister!

Try it here!

What’s Next?

Bandai has mentioned that 30MS will appear on a special broadcast tonight at 8pm JST, but we don’t necessarily expect any new announcements at this time. (Though, maybe you can tune in to check out a physical showing of the current announcements?)

The next major development we expect is getting the official preorder information so you can get your orders in for the parts you want. In the meantime, we definitely recommend checking out the Custom Simulator so you’ve got a good idea of what you want to pick up before preorders open.

So, what do you think? What’s your favorite parts combination so far? Show us your Custom Simulator results in the comments!

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  1. Oh my! They look pretty good! I may buy a few of them to try some mix and match!


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