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S.R.D-S Soulgain by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

S.R.D-S Soulgain by Kotobukiya Available From HobbyLink Japan

Rrobbert184-Soulgain-Review (1)

Soulgain is all put together. Let’s see what’s in store! Will his fists glow??

Rrobbert184-Soulgain-Review (2)
As usual, all you need is a good pair of nippers to put it together.

Rrobbert184-Soulgain-Review (3)
Here’s the front, side, and back shots. He looks deceptively simple, but there’s a great mix of small white parts all around.

Rrobbert184-Soulgain-Review (4)

Rrobbert184-Soulgain-Review (5)

Rrobbert184-Soulgain-Review (6)
The clear parts and the face are quite catchy, and of course who doesn’t like the different colored arms?

Rrobbert184-Soulgain-Review (7)
Good mobility to start, as the elbows can stretch and then bend 180°. Very nicely done.

Rrobbert184-Soulgain-Review (8)
And the legs are more or less similar. It looks a bit awkward when you zoom right in, but it’s a great feature to have when you’re looking at poses on your shelf.

Rrobbert184-Soulgain-Review (9)
Here are the option parts and weapons, including angry elbow blades. Thanos would be rather dismissive, however, of only one jewel in each hand.

Rrobbert184-Soulgain-Review (10)
Here are some poses that he can easily do! Ryu and Ken (and all the rest of their clones) will like this one.

Rrobbert184-Soulgain-Review (11)

Rrobbert184-Soulgain-Review (12)

Rrobbert184-Soulgain-Review (13)

Rrobbert184-Soulgain-Review (14)
As for the size, as you’d expect for the price, it’s a lot bigger than most of even the larger Bandai SD kits.

Rrobbert184-Soulgain-Review (15)
Some final thoughts. As you might agree from the pictures, Soulgain looks quite sharp when it’s put together. Also, thanks to the design of the joints, it can do a lot of crazy poses and still feel solid throughout. The only thing that you need to be careful of when posing is the two little wings on the sides of the right arm. For the sculpt and coloring, it looks just right out of the game! And you can make the clear part stand out by painting the back of them with some silver spray. I like Kotobukiya’s idea that they’re making pairs of rivals, which could easily inspire the Super Robot Wars fans to make some nice battle dioramas. The only thing that can be improved would be to have more additional parts. As you may have seen from the Alteisen Riese review, he’s got a lot of effect parts. But Soulgain seems a bit lacking. Except for that, as the second kit of the series, already this line is impressing me more than I expected. Can’t wait for the newcomers! Thanks for reading everyone.

Rrobbert184-Soulgain-Review (16)
Now it’s the time to see who’s stronger!

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