Jul 7
HLJ : Luke

With the last video of our Gunpla introduction, Syd finishes up the Double-Zeta by bringing out some details and then making a mess of it.

On the left the standard version and on the right the detailed version.

Detailed Version.


Standard Version.


Detailed Version.


Standard Version.


Detailed Version.


Want to win some free Gundam? Check out the link below!

Gundam Competition : Gunpla – Playing With Plastic


  1. Mack said on July 7, 2010

    I’d like to see a MG Full Armor Gundam get built, or just a 2.0 model of any suit.

  2. Choice of pose makes a big difference in how model photos look, too… Like see how the shoulders on the “standard version” ZZ are kind of crooked and droopy, while the ones on the “detailed version” are consistent, and set at a prominent angle? Attention to this kind of detail can make all the difference when photographing models, whether they’re just snapped, detailed, or painted.

    I would be negligent in my duties if I did not request some Zeon love when you do the MG build… But it’s tough because I don’t think there’s a lot of good, recent Zeon MGs. Gelgoog maybe? Or Char’s Zaku? Or an oldie like MG Kampfer or (my favorite) Zaku v1.0. 🙂 But whatever you build for the next video is cool with me.

  3. Great videos. My 8 year old son and myself are putting together the MG Destiny model. We would like to see you build the Wing Gundam.

  4. I’m really enjoying these videos. I saw your comment on the previous video about your process of building a model. What kind of paint would you recommend using? Anyways keep up the amazing work. I hope you guys come out with more videos that are just as helpful as the ones you’ve been making. Thanks Again!

  5. Second the request to see the MG Full Armor Gundam built.

  6. I would like to see you build MG Sinanju….^^

  7. try to make the 1/100 MG MS-06F-2 Zaku II F2 Zeon Version

  8. I really want to see the MG Full Armor, I bought one a couple of weeks ago, so how a preview of my first MG ^^?

  9. How about building a ver. Katoki of something?
    Or a Zeta 2.0, I want to buy that one!

  10. Really good video Syd , i learn new things about panel lining that i didn’t know before. Maybe you can show us some of the advanced techniques.

  11. Musha MKII or Sinanju.

    sinanju really has a lot of stickering and I have it but I’d like to see how Syd would deal with them.

  12. I’m with a lot of others and would like to see the MG Full Armor Gundam be built.

  13. Good stuff Syd. Love the use of the Gundam markers. Gonna have to give them a try now that I’ve seen them in action.

  14. Well done guys. Really enjoying these videos. Keep up the great work!

  15. For some reason, I can only see the movie up to middle part when you start to talk about the head. Same even on difference day. Did anyone having the same problem playing the video on mac 10.6? Good stuff Syd. Would like to see more as this good for a begineer like me. Cheers

  16. He already built Sinanju he just repainted it. It was that yellow model on the desk I think, if not it had a very similar design to Sinanju

  17. How about building the MG Wing Gundam or MG Gouf 2.0

  18. MG gundam Mk II! 🙂

  19. The weathering Markers work Amazing! but good old testors paint and a bursh jsut seems to have a different effect in my eyes..

  20. (lmao)ill just get up and get what i need from the warehouse. i wish Jersey could move magically to your warehouse(lmao)love the vids:)

  21. I want to ask what is the marker for panel lining that you used, the white marker one that you said was 0.02, i can’t hear it clearly, and if i may the link to the product also, thanks

  22. Hi Indrajaya,

    The marker I used was this one:

  23. how do you know which grit to use when using sandpaper?

  24. The sanding if you ask me is common sense. I use a 1500 to get nub marks off my piece which will scratch the piece a TINY bit. Then I move on to a 3200 sanding pad which should be enough to have the area smoothed out and as my final touch I will jump into a 12000 grid pad; this pad will make your piece SHINE and beautiful like the nub mark was never there.
    When i said common sense that means you could use a 1300 instead of a 1500 whatever gets the job done.

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